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kaplan IT499 unit 1 and unit 2 discussions




Question;Unit 1 discn;Professional Development;As Information Technology is an ever-changing field, continuing your;professional development is particularly important. Within your field of study;what additional training will you pursue after graduation? Certifications?;Additional credentials? A Masters program?;Goals and Resources;Please describe your goals for after graduation (new job, promotion, new degree;plan, etc.) and identify one resource you feel would be an asset to your;continued professional development. How much does it cost? What is the;estimated time it will take to complete? Why would it benefit your career?;Please be sure to include the URL of any resources you have identified.;Unit 2;Project Initiation;Discuss the ideas you have for your project this term. Who is the client? What;are the intended outcomes? How will this be an asset to your intended career;plans?;Please make sure to give feedback to your classmates on their project and ideas;on how to make their projects stronger.;Assignment Resources;Please post a resource you have found for this;week?s Assignment. What resource has been the most helpful to complete the;Assignment?


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