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kaplan IT499 unit 3 and unit 4 discussions




Question;Unit 3;Ethical Concerns;Do you believe that an employee?s Internet usage at a company should be audited;and governed by usage policy? Or, do you think that people should be able to;use the Internet however they would like on a company?s Internet connection? If;a company did not want to audit usage for compliance, how could they protect;themselves from liability and prevent inappropriate usage? Are these ideas;realistic?;After you have written and posted your response, read the postings of other;students in the class and reply to at least two of them.;Assignment Resources;Please post a resource you have found for this week?s Assignment. What resource;has been the most helpful to complete the Assignment?;Unit 4;Defining Costs;Establishing a budget for a project of this size can be challenging. What are;you using for reference to help establish your budget? What resource have you;identified to help you include all the necessary line items in your budget;proposal? Include one vendor or supplier you are including in your budget as;well.;Assignment Resources;Please post a resource you have found for this;week?s Assignment. What resource has been the most helpful to complete the;Assignment?


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