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Kaplan IT499 unit 5 and unit 6 discussions




Question;Unit 5;Reacting to Change;People react differently to change. One type of person will embrace change and;respond to it quickly and positively considering imposed changes as;opportunities to utilize their skills. A second type of person considers;imposed changes as inevitable events they have to deal with in the normal;course of working. While not embracing the imposed changes, they focus on how;the change impacts them and what they have to do to cope with the changes that;have been imposed. A third type of person is very slow to accept change. They;resent the imposed changes and balk at adapting what they are doing to;implement required changes.;Consider your reactions when faced with imposed changes. Discuss whether your;reactions placed you into a group with the first, second, or third type of;person identified above. After you have written and posted your response, read;the postings of other students in the class and reply to at least two of them.;Assignment Resources;Please post a resource you have found for this week?s Assignment. What resource;has been the most helpful to complete the Assignment?;Unit 6;Risk and Security;How did you approach gathering credible resources;to assist you with the Risk Assessment and Security Standards documentation.;How did you validate the resources were credible?;Assignment Resources;Please post a resource you have found for this;week?s Assignment. What resource has been the most helpful to complete the;Assignment?


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