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Question;Research Paper;This;assignment has two goals;1) have students increase their understanding of the concept of Protecting;Personally Identifiable Information and other ethical issues related to the use;of information technology through research, and;2) learn to correctly use the tools and techniques within MS Word to format a;research paper including using MS Word?s citation tools.;These;skills will be valuable throughout students? academic career. The paper will;require a title page, 2-3 pages of content with incorporation of a minimumof 3 external resources from;credible sources, and a Works;Cited/Reference page. A list of topics from which students can choose is;provided below.;Topics for Research Paper;Personally;Identifiable Information (PII)Social;EngineeringEmployee;MonitoringContent;FilteringInformation;PrivacyElectronic;Medical RecordsBiometrics;(in terms of ethical and privacy issues)Identity;TheftUse of;CookiesPrivacy;Laws related to Information Technology useIntellectual;Property Rights, Copyright;Good;resources include the chapters on Microsoft Word in your hands-on textbook, the;UMUC Library website plus under Course Content in your WebTycho classroom;Writing Resources, the Online Guide to Writing and Research, Chapter 5, and the;APA Tutorial. The Tutorial is also posted under Course Content.;Requirement;Points;Allocated;Comments;Open and save an MS Word document with the following name;?Student?s Last Name Research?;Example: Smith Research;Paper should be double-spaced;1" margins, 12 point type.;0.5;This is the font in normal;paragraphs. Heading and title fonts may be a larger size.;Deliverable does not exceed 3;typed, double-spaced.;0.3;Charts and other graphical;information are not included in the page count. Title and reference pages are;not included in page count.;Title Page which shows title, your;first and last name, course and due date. Center each line. Double space;between each line.;0.5;Title must be appropriate for;content. Use a Page Break at the end of the Title Page.;Use a footer to create page;numbers for all pages except the Title Page.;0.2;Center-align the numbers.;At least three (3) APA formatted;in-text citations.;You are required to use the;References feature in Word for your citations and Reference List. It is important to review the final format for APA style;even if generated by MS Word.;0.5;These can be anywhere in the;document, but the citations must be relevant to what is being referenced and;use the APA format.;At least two (2) informational;footnotes. This type of footnote is used to provide more information about a;concept or topic.;(Note: APA Style does not use;footnotes for citations, however, does allow for the incorporation of;informational footnotes.);0.5;These can be anywhere in the;document, but the informational footnotes must be relevant to the associated;text. The purpose of this requirement is to effectively incorporate the;information and demonstrate that you can use the MS Word footnoting;functionality.;Reference Page using APA format;for references. (Also known as Bibliography or Works Cited.) Minimum of 3;references.;You are required to use the;References feature in Word for your citations and Reference List.It is important to review the;final format for APA-style correctness even if generated by MS Word.;0.5;All works listed must be;incorporated within the writing of your paper as specified in APA style.;Use a Page Break between the end;of the document text and the reference page. References should be on a separate;page from the document text.;Describe the topic and ethical;issue as it relates to the use of Information Technology.;3.0;Discuss the trends, ways;individuals and/or organizations are impacted by the issue or working to;prevent the impact.;3.0;Specific content should be;relevant for topic and focus of the paper.;Paper must be well-organized;clearly written in a style appropriate for college level work.;1.0;Paper should be grammatically;correct and contain no spelling errors.;2.0;Although you should use the;SpellCheck and Grammar Check functions in MS Word, this will not catch all;errors ? you are ultimately responsible for proofreading.;TOTAL;12


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