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Kaplan IT460 Unit 8 assignment




Question;Unit 8Project 8Outcomes addressed in this activity:? Evaluate the different testing processes? Explain the issues associated with development when selecting a systemarchitecture? Describe the reasons why the maintenance phase is the most time-consumingphase? Discuss the 7 Layers of the OSI ModelCourse OutcomesGEL 1.1 Demonstrate college-level communications through the composition of originalmaterials in Standard American English.Project Instructions:Please complete the following projects using MS Word. Save the project as Unit 8Project.doc and place it into the Unit 8 Project Drop Box. Click here to access the ?SCRTIMSWork Session Link?.Part A:Jesse wants you to recommend a vendor who offers an ERP strategy. You need toreview the SAP and Oracle Web sites, and at least two others that offer ERP solutions,and reply to her with the results and the reasons for my recommendations. (SCRTIMSWork Sessions ? Session 10 To Do List #1)Part B:Jesse wants to see a structure chart. She said to use program modules based on theprocesses we identified earlier. She wants the modules to be cohesive and looselycoupled. (SCR-TIMS Work Sessions ? Session 11 To Do List #1)Project requirements:? Recommend at least one vendor that offers an ERP strategy. In your ownwords, summarize their offering.


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