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I am sitting in front of my Intel PC, which is running a Windows XP (or later) operating system, and




Question;I am sitting in front of my Intel PC, which is running a;Windows XP (or later) operating system, and I am using my InternetExplorer Web;browser to access an ISP of your choice. I am doing this at 56 kbs modem;speeds, but I want to join the broadband revolution.;You will hook myPC up to some broadband access method. You;will describe the overall design, describe specific vendor hardware that makes;up the design, describe the transmission media, and describe the protocols;within the design (note that this includes TCP/IP and HTTP).;The three approved solutions for this problem are cable TV;DSL, or wireless. For DSL, you should describe the solution from my PC to the;DSLAM or the first ATM switch. For cable or wireless, you should describe;access from my PC to where they hook up to the ISP.;Problem 2;I want to set up an Ethernet LAN for my small office of 10;people. The parameters are similar to those of Problem 1, except you will be;connecting to a LAN.;For either problem, your design should include the link from;my PC or office workstation to the Internet Service Point (ISP) access point;within the vendor's network.;You will have to research one of these solutions and then;write your paper. For the DSL solution, you should go to one of the DSLAM;vendors, such as Lucent, select a DSLAM, and then describe it.;For the cable, wireless, or LAN solutions, you will have to;describe how thenetwork components work in general. You will need to include;descriptions on the home or office components, as well as an overview of their;networks.;These terms will become clearer as the course advances.;Fine-tuning of the concept will take place when you submit your one-page;outline in week 4. The instructor is available for help and suggestions. You;are encouraged to interact with the other members of your class.;Project Grading;The project paper will be graded on the following elements;? introduction;(10%);? overall;design or high-level description (20%);? hardware;(10%);? transmission;media (10%);? protocol;description (10%);? lessons;learned (10%);? grammar/syntax;and length (20%);? references;(10%)


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