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UMUC Haircuts Case Study stage 5




Question;Case;Study, Stage 5: Outline of Next Steps;Before you begin this assignment, be;sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case Study?, the Case Study Staged;Projects 1-4, the ?Walmart Example,? and feedback on your graded work so;far.;Purpose of this Assignment;This assignment gives you the;opportunity to apply the concepts of this course to address the planning;development, implementation and on-going management of the technology solution;you have proposed for the UMUC Haircuts business. This assignment specifically addresses the;following course outcome to enable you to;?;identify;and plan IT solutions that meet business objectives.;Outline of Next Steps for UMUC Haircuts;Following;your presentation of your Stage 4 project, the owner of UMUC Haircuts has decided to move ahead and implement your;proposed solution. Prior to beginning;the project, the owner has asked you to prepare an outline explaining the next;steps. For this assignment, you will;develop an annotated outline that identifies the next steps to implement the;solution described in Stages 2-4, addressing a number of areas such as project;management, system development life cycle, change management, etc.;Assignment;Using at least one external resource (a;source other than those provided for the class) develop an annotated outline;2-3 pages in length, not including References and cover sheet, responding to;the bulleted items below. Remember to correctly;cite and reference your sources with APA format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered;everything. Your outline should be in;Microsoft Word outline format. Submit;your paper as a Word document (or a document that can be read in Word) with your;last name included in the filename.;An annotated outline provides the;basic information in full sentences, but in outline form rather than in;paragraph form. In this case, you will;address each aspect of the next steps to be taken to implement your technology;solution. You should provide all of the;important facts, without the expanded discussions used in full papers. Each of the topics in the list;below should be explained as they apply to your proposed technology solution;and to UMUC Haircuts, using a few sentences for each topic and providing information;specific to your solution.;Your annotated outline should;address the next steps in each of the following areas that UMUC Haircuts will;take to implement your technology solution;VERY brief description of;proposed technology solution, including such things as what process is;being improved, major hardware employed, what major software will be used;what type of communications will be used, who will provide the services;and what facilities are needed.;This should be done in just 3 or 4 sentences, to set the stage for;the rest of the outline. Also;include the following from the end of Stage 1 (with any recommended;changes):Generic StrategyStrategic Business AreaProcess to be improvedProject Management (schedule, management;of resources-both human and financial, deliverables)System Development Life Cycle;(all phases and how they apply to your solution)Change Management (Note that;there are two aspects: managing the change introduced with your technology;solution and managing changes to the solution after it is implemented.)Employee TrainingLeadership Expectations (the;owner?s expectations of how the project will be managed and what it will;produce)Defining Success (what will be;?measured? to determine if the process has been improved, and if the;business strategy and objectives are being met)Reference(s)Also, you need to do some external;research (using resources other than those in the classroom) on at;least one aspect of the assignment - your choice - and incorporate it and cite;it in APA format in your response.;The "right" and "wrong" answers have to;do with whether or not you correctly incorporated the concepts from the course;and addressed all areas of the assignment. Your ?next steps? must be;defined specifically forUMUC Haircuts, addressing its operation and its environment;and your technology solution. Use;the Rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects.;Concepts;(from Weeks 6-7);?;Project Management: Solution Management Module (Week 6);?;SDLC: Solution Management Module (Week 6);?;Change Management: Leadership;Change Management Module (Week 7);?;Employee Training:Leadership & Change Management;Module (Week 7);?;Leadership Expectations: Leadership;Change Management Module (Week 7);?;Defining Success: This;is a good area for some external research;?;Project Management Best Practices;Project Management Best Practices(Week 7)


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