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Question;Case;Study, Stage 1: Business Environment Analysis;Before;you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case Study?;and be sure to take a look at the ?Walmart Example.?;Purpose;of this Assignment;This;assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the concepts of the Porter Five;Forces model to a specific business, develop a strategic direction for UMUC;Haircuts, and identify a process that could be improved with the use of;technology. This assignment specifically addresses the following course;outcomes to enable you to;analyze business strategy to;recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomesanalyze internal and;external business processes to identify information systems requirements.Business;Environment Analysis for UMUC Haircuts;UMUC;Haircuts has been in business since 1995 and has seen an increase in;competition from a variety of competitors, as described in the Case Study. With;the news that a Hair Cuttery is likely to open only five miles away, Myra, the;owner of UMUC Haircuts,is concerned and has asked you to help her assess;the impact on her business and how she can deal with it. worried and is looking;to you to provide reassurance that the competition will not affect the;business. In addition, Myra has asked you for assistance in developing a;strategy for bringing UMUC Haircuts into the 21st century and taking;advantage of technology.;You know;that Michael Porter?s Five Forces Model is a useful tool for analyzing a;business, understanding the importance of the five competitive forces and;helping to develop a Generic Strategy. Porter?s Model is also used to aid;organizations facing the challenging decisions of dealing with changes made by;existing competitors, entering a new industry or industry segment, or;developing a strategy for dealing with new competition. The Five Forces Model;helps determine the relative importance of the forces affecting competitive;position that could affect the future success of a business. The Five Forces;are;Buyer PowerSupplier powerThreat of substitute;products or servicesThreat of new entrantsRivalry among existing;competitorsThe Five;Forces and the Generic Strategy are fully described and discussed in the;readings for Week 1, and the Business Model and Competitive Advantage are;covered in Module 1. In order to analyze UMUC Haircuts? current competitive;position and develop a Generic Strategic direction, you have decided to use the;Five Forces Model to analyze Myra?s business.;Assignment;Using the;class reading and external resources (resources other than those;provided in the class), write a short paper 2-3 pages in length, not including;References page and cover sheet, responding to the bulleted items;below.Remember to use the APA formatting rules and correctly cite and reference;your sources with APA format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have;covered everything. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document, or a;document that can be read using Word, with your last name included in the;filename.;Create a;document that includes the following;Brief introduction;providing the background of the case, why you are writing and what is to;come in your paper. This should only be 3-5 sentences.? Perform;a Porter's Five Forces analysis for UMUC Haircuts, addressing each force;in one or two sentences and defining the force, its impact (Positive, Negative;or Neutral) on the business and whether it should affect Myra?s strategy;(Yes/No). Do not identify solutions or things that Myra should do that would;affect the factor. (The idea is to identify how the different forces affect;UMUC Haircuts and how much.) This provides you with a view of the business that;will allow you to select a Generic Strategy and a Strategic Business Area on;which to focus your efforts.;Determine which of Porter's;Three Generic Strategies that you will use to improve UMUC Haircuts;for the 21st century and explain why you selected it, and tie it into the;significant forces that you have identified.? Using;your analysis of UMUC Haircuts Business Model (based on what you learned in;Module 1), identify an important Strategic Business Area that needs to;be improved. The Strategic Business Area should be selected from the following;o;Customers;o;Employees;o;Suppliers;o;Marketing;The;Walmart Example demonstrates use of this concept, so you should review it and;make sure that you are on the right track. Explain why you have selected that;Strategic Business Area and how improving it will improve operation of the;business, including how it relates to the Generic Strategy you selected.;Within the selected;Strategic Business Area, identify and select a single daily process;that is within and supports the Strategic Business Area that needs;improvement. Note: A process is a set of activities or steps that;are used to accomplish a specific task. Some of the processes that Myra;has identified for improvement are:Customer and Employee;SchedulingSupply Ordering and;ManagementCustomer Information and;Marketing(In Stage;2 you will model the AS IS process and the TO BE Process, and propose a;technology solution to improve the process you identify here, so select a;process that is appropriate for a technology solution.);At the end of your report;with your References enter the following headings and complete the;information using one concise phrase for each. You will be starting each;subsequent stage by including this information as a method to keep us;focused on the objectives.GENERIC;STRATEGY;STRATEGIC;BUSINESS AREA;PROCESS;TO BE IMPROVED;In;determining which process you select for improvement, be sure to keep in mind;the remaining projects within this Case Study. You should review Stages 2-5 to;get an understanding of the future projects that build on this initial stage;and to aid you in selecting a process (and later proposing a technology;solution) that can support the requirements of the follow-on assignments.;Do not;start on Stage 2 until you receive feedback on this Stage as the Process that;you select is crucial and your instructor may recommend that you change processes;so that you can successfully complete the case. You MUST incorporate the;recommended changes in all subsequent Stages.;The;right" and "wrong" answers have to do with whether or not;you correctly incorporated the course concepts from the textbook and addressed;all parts of the assignment. You need to do some external research on at least;one aspect of the assignment - your choice - and incorporate it and;cite/reference it in APA format in your response. The specific strategic area;you select for a technology solution is not as important as that it makes sense;in light of the course content and the Case Study and is well supported with;your application of the course concepts and your external research. Use the;Rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects.;Case;Study, Stage 2: Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal;Before;you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case;Study?, ?UMUC Haircuts Stage 1? Project and the ?Walmart Example.? You will use;the strategic business area and process that you selected in Stage 1, review;the feedback you received for any recommended changes to your Stage 1 project;prior to starting this assignment and be sure you have an appropriate ?process?;identified.;Purpose;of this Assignment;This;assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your analysis skills to model a;business process. Modeling the process as it exists (and as it will exist) will;aid in the analysis, design, development and implementation of the technology;solution. This assignment also gives you the opportunity to apply your;knowledge of technology solutions to improve a business process. This;assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you;to;analyze internal and;external business processes to identify information systems requirements.identify and plan IT;solutions that meet business objectives.Business;Process Analysis for the UR UMUC Healthy Fitness Center;In order;to apply technology to a process, the process must be thoroughly understood and;models are used for this purpose. The model also supports business process;analysis and redesign when the process is deemed to be inefficient or;ineffective. In addition, models are used to design the ?to-be? process that;describes the desired end state after the technology solution is developed.;For your;Stage 1 Project for the Case Study, you identified a strategic business area;for improvement of the UMUC Haircuts business, and youidentified a process that;could be improved with the use of technology. In this stage, you will create a;model of that process that will define in detail the steps in the process as it;is done today to aid in the analysis of the problem, and you will create a;model of the proposed new, improved process, and explain your proposed IT;solution to support that improved process.;The;proposed information technology solution should address the revised business;process and should be appropriate to UMUC Haircuts. The solution will be;briefly described, and an explanation given for why and how this proposed;solution will improve the business process. Be sure to read the instructions;for the remaining projects in this Case Study (Stages 3-5) to get an;understanding of the future projects that build on the proposed solution and to;help you in deciding upon your solution. You want to propose a solution that;can be used in the assignments that follow this one, so be selective and choose;an appropriate solution.;Assignment;For this;assignment you will use the process identified for improvement in your Stage 1;Project. There are 2 parts to this assignment.;Part 1: Business Process Analysis -;Models of the AS IS Process and the TO BE Process. The various;course resources provided for Week 2 illustrate several different methods of;modeling business processes. You may use any of the models shown(or follow the;example provided in the Walmart Example), to analyze the process you identified;for improvement,breaking it down into sequential steps and modeling it. You may;use Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point (or compatible software) or clearly;and professionally hand-draw your model and scan it into an electronic file;format. Which model format you choose to use is not as important as making sure;you have included all the major steps in the process and appropriately;sequenced them. The process that you model must be the one you identified in;your Stage 1 Project(or the one suggested by the instructor) and it needs to be;appropriate to UMUC Haircuts. First, you will model the process as it is;currently performed at the shop, this is the AS IS Process. Then you will model;the way that you expect the new process to function after your proposed;technology solution is implemented, this is the TO BE Process. Note:See;Stage 1 for the definition of a process and examples of processes at UMUC;Haircuts.;Tools for;Creating the Models;The;following website has a more detailed description of Flow Charting and its;uses:;To create;a flow chart or process map in Excel;?;?;?;[cc is ok, demo is self-explanatory];To create;a flow chart in Word;?;[closed;captions and transcripts are not helpful, but demos are self-explanatory];?;[closed;captions are in German, but demo is helpful];To create;a flow chart in PowerPoint;?;[closed;caption, but demo is self-explanatory];Business;Process Example:If a;grocery store had a need to reduce expenses and improve customer satisfaction;a process needing improvement might be improving the inventory process to;ensure availability of products for customers as well as to reduce cost related;to spoiled inventory. The model could include the steps necessary to record;inventory information, update inventory when merchandise is sold, place orders;for additional inventory from suppliers, etc.;Part 2;Technology Solution Proposal.Using at least one external resource(a;source other than those provided in this class), write a short paper 1-2 pages;in length, not including References page and cover sheet, responding to the;bulleted items below. Remember to correctly cite and reference your sources;using APA format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered;everything.;Create a;document that includes the following;At the end of your Stage 1;assignment, you listed the strategy, business area and process selected.;These should be provided at the beginning of this paper to set the stage.;Be sure to incorporate any recommended changes, and show:GENERIC;STRATEGY;STRATEGIC;BUSINESS AREA;PROCESS;TO BE IMPROVED;Briefly explain the business;process identified in Stage 1 and why it could benefit from a technology;solution.Propose a specific;information technology solution, describing it in a few sentences. Note;It?s tempting to propose integrating lots of new technology but focus on a;single solution that would improve the process you identified and modeled.Next, briefly describe (in;one to three sentences each) the components of the IT infrastructure;required for your proposed IT solution, as they would be implemented at;UMUC Haircuts. The components of the IT infrastructure are described and;explained in the Course Module 2, Solution Building. They are:? services;-the people or organizations that run, support, and manage the other;infrastructure components, can be internal staff or external contractors or;service providers. You should include who will run, support and manage the;infrastructure components for your proposed solution.;? hardware;-devices that perform the input, storage, processing, and output functions.;Include the major, important hardware components needed to implement your;proposed solution.;? software;?identify the type of application software to be used, if you are proposing;to use a software package, provide the name of it.;? telecommunications;?identifywhat kind of telecommunications will be needed for the solution;including local connectivity and internet access, if appropriate, and whether;it will be used for data, voice and/or video.;? facilities;-what facilities will be needed to house the equipment and support staff;state whether the hardware be housed at UMUC Haircuts or at another facility.;5.;Explain how the proposed technology solution will improve the process.;Explain how the proposed technology;solution will support the selected Generic Strategy and the selected;Strategic Business Area.;Technology;Solution Example:If a;grocery store wanted to improve its inventory process, a proposed technology;solution might be the implementation of hand-held scanners for customers. The;hand-held scanners could update inventory real-time as customers make their;purchases. This solution would require purchase of hand-held scanner devices;software that can collect the data, appropriate wireless network, etc.;Submit your Part 1 and Part 2 paper;with your last name included in the filename(s). If possible combine;Part 1 and Part 2 into one file, otherwise be sure each file is clearly labeled;identifying the Part of Stage 2 it represents.;Note:Your models will be evaluated on;whether they are applicable to the process identified, all major steps in the;AS-IS and TO-BE processes are included and correctly modeled, and they are;appropriate to the UMUC Haircuts business.;Your;paper will be evaluated on whether or not you correctly incorporated the course;concepts and addressed all parts of the questions. You need to do some external;research on at least one aspect of the assignment - your choice - and;incorporate it and cite (and reference) it in APA format in your response.;What, exactly, you propose as a technology solution will be evaluated as to;whether it is appropriate for UMUC Haircuts and could actually improve the;process identified, and whether it is fully thought-out and supported with;application of course concepts and research. Remember, this is an information;systems management course, and your solution must be an information technology;solution. Use the Rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects.;Case;Study, Stage 3: IT Considerations for Proposed Technology Solution;Before;you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case;Study,? the Stage 1 and Stage 2 projects, the ?Walmart Example? and the;feedback from previous assignments.;Purpose;of this Assignment;This assignment;gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of the areas to be considered;in planning and implementing a technology solution. This assignment;specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to;analyze internal and external;business processes to identify information systems requirementsidentify and plan IT;solutions that meet business objectives.IT;Considerations for Proposed Technology Solution;For your;Stage 2 Project, you proposed a technology solution to improve a business;process at the UMUC Haircuts business. In evaluating and implementing an IT;proposal, there are several areas that need to be considered. These;considerations are listed in the table provided below in this assignment.;Depending on the specific technology solution you proposed, some of the;considerations would be more important than others and some may not need;specific consideration for the initial implementation of your proposed;solution. (If a consideration is not relevant for the solution as described or;for its implementation, but might be something for the future, mark it ?N/A?.;If for instance cloud computing is not in the solution being implemented, but;may be considered in the future it would be N/A and not required for the;solution. Please note that even N/A items require an explanation.) The;responses that you enter into the table for each consideration must be aligned;to the one specific solution you proposed and appropriate to the UMUC Haircuts;business.;Assignment;Using the;technology solution you proposed in Stage 2, you should briefly explain it and;then copy the table below and complete the remaining two columns. For each area;of consideration, you should rank it as high, medium, low, or N/A (Not Applicable);in importance or relevance at time of implementation (and not some time in the;future) for the specific technology solution you proposed for UMUC Haircuts.;Then, provide a brief explanation, a minimum of two sentences for each;to justify that ranking or the N/A. Do not try to create a reason if there is;none, but carefully analyze each consideration and determine whether it applies;and how. Explanations must provide enough information to convey the reasoning;behind the ranking. DO NOTcopy definitions into the table, your own;words should demonstrate your understanding of the concept as you provide your;explanation for the ranking. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered;everything. Submit your paper with answers to parts 1 and 2 below as a;Microsoft Word document (or in a Word compatible document) with your last name;included in the filename.;Part 1:Briefly explain your proposed;technology solution. Identify what the solution is, what it is expected to do;for UMUC Haircuts, and what major hardware, software and communications;components will be used, summarizing the information you provided for Stage 2.;Also, please include the information that you provided at the end of Stage 1;(with any modifications recommended by the professor) at the top of your paper;Generic;Strategy;Strategic;Business Area;Process;to be improved;Part 2: Table of IT Considerations. The;Areas for consideration are defined in the section ?Concepts? which follows the;table of considerations below. An example for one entry is also provided. Click;on the upper left corner of the table to copy it into your paper.;Case;Study, Stage 4: Executive Briefing on Business Benefits and Considerations of;Proposed Technology Solution;Before you;begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case Study,?;Case Study Staged Projects 1-3, the ?Walmart Example,? and any feedback you;have received on your assignments.;Purpose;of this Assignment;This;assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to communicate;effectively with an important stakeholder. This assignment specifically;addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to;analyze business strategy to;recognize how technology solutions enable strategic outcomes?;identify and plan IT solutions that meet business objectives;Executive;Briefing on Business Benefits and Considerations;For your;Stage 2 Project, you proposed a technology solution to improve a business;process at UMUC Haircuts. In Stage 3 you evaluated a list of IT considerations.;In this Stage 4 Project you are to prepare an Executive Briefing. You are to;use Microsoft PowerPoint, or a format that can be read in PowerPoint, to;address how the solution you proposed in Stage 2 could support and enhance the;UMUC Haircuts business, explaining the business benefits of the solution, and;covering the considerations you determined to be most important in Stage 3. You;will present this briefing to Myra Morningstar, the owner of UMUC Haircuts to;explain and provide the justification for her to implement your technology;solution. For purposes of this exercise you do not need to focus on the cost of;the proposed solution, but rather focus on convincing her that it will improve;the operation of UMUC Haircuts and that you have addressed key issues.;Assignment;Using the;technology solution you proposed in Stage 2 and the considerations you analyzed;in Stage 3, along with any feedback on your assignments, you should prepare an;Executive Briefing that;Clearly identifies and;describes the problem area or process that needs to be improvedBriefly describes the;technology solution (listing or showing major components from Stage 2)Addresses how the solution;you propose could support and enhance UMUC Haircuts, explaining the;benefits of the solution,Identifies major risks;associated with your proposed solution, andAddresses the considerations;you determined to be most important in Stage 3.Remember;that this presentation is to be designed as an oral presentation to the UMUC;Haircuts owner and should not be designed to stand on its own, viewing just the;slides, by a reader. Each slide should have a title and a limited number of;short bullet points. A presentation should use key bullet points to highlight;key factors, (or what you want the;audience to remember) and not include complete paragraphs and/or;detailed text. The bullet points in your presentation will be supported;by relevant details in the Notes section of the slides, which contain the;actual words you would say to present each slide. Presentations with;limited or no ?Notes? will receive much lower grades, because the bullets;should not tell the whole story.;While use;of external resources (resources other than those provided in the classroom) is;not required, your presentation may be strengthened by incorporating research.;Remember to correctly cite and reference any sources. Any direct quotes should;be indicated within the slide text with appropriate quotation marks and an;in-text citation (however direct quotes should be short and used sparingly, if;at all). Complete references for all sources should be included in the;corresponding Notes section. Paraphrased material can just be referenced within;the Notes section of the slides without an in-text citation on the slide. This;deviates from APA style but keeps the slides more readable.;General;Guidelines:Your;presentation format should be professional and use frames, illustrations, color;and/or style to make it interesting in appearance to keep your audience?s;attention. Use bullet points ? 6-8 words per line, 4-7 lines per slide, Font ?;preferably Arial, Verdana or Calibri (sans serif) size 24, use design templates;such as those built into PowerPoint. Use graphics sparingly but to emphasize;key points and add interest. Proofread and Spellcheck (including what you write;in the Notes section)!;Use the;Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything. Submit your;presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint (2003, 2007 or 2010) document (or a;presentation format that can be read using PowerPoint) with your last name;included in the filename.;Your;presentation should be at least 10 slides, to include;? A cover;slide with a title, your name and date as a minimum;? 1-2;slides that provide the purpose of the presentation and what you will cover;? 1 slide;that describes the problem area or process that needs improvement, including;either on the slide or in the ?Notes? (from the end of Stage 1);? Generic;Strategy;?;Strategic Business Area;? Process;to be improved;? 1-2;slides that summarize the proposed solution and list or show the major;components;? 1-3;slides that explain the benefits and risks of the proposed technology solution;to UMUC Haircuts, telling how the solution supports the business strategy and;what quantifiable (and perhaps non-quantifiable) benefits are expected and what;risks there are in the solution and project.;? 4-6;slides on the most important considerations from the list in Stage 3 and the;impact on UMUC Haircuts ? why you are addressing them, what they mean to the;UMUC Haircuts business, and what needs to be done about them.;?;Summary/conclusion slide;Concepts;How to;Excel at Briefing Senior Executives;;The Rule of Seven(scroll down to article):;Stage5;Case;Study, Stage 5: Outline of Next Steps;Before you begin this assignment, be;sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case Study?, the Case Study Staged;Projects 1-4, the ?Walmart Example,? and feedback on your graded work so;far.;Purpose of this Assignment;This assignment gives you the;opportunity to apply the concepts of this course to address the planning;development, implementation and on-going management of the technology solution;you have proposed for the UMUC Haircuts business. This assignment specifically addresses the;following course outcome to enable you to;?;identify;and plan IT solutions that meet business objectives.;Outline of Next Steps for UMUC Haircuts;Following your presentation of;your Stage 4 project, the owner of UMUC Haircuts has decided to move ahead and implement your;proposed solution. Prior to beginning;the project, the owner has asked you to prepare an outline explaining the next;steps. For this assignment, you will;develop an annotated outline that identifies the next steps to implement the;solution described in Stages 2-4, addressing a number of areas such as project;management, system development life cycle, change management, etc.;Assignment;Using at;least one external resource (a source other than those provided;for the class) develop an annotated outline 2-3 pages in length, not including;References and cover sheet, responding to the bulleted items below. Remember to correctly cite and reference your sources with APA;format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered;everything. Your outline should be in;Microsoft Word outline format. Submit;your paper as a Word document (or a document that can be read in Word) with your;last name included in the filename.;An annotated outline provides the basic information;in full sentences, but in outline form rather than in paragraph;form. In this case, you will address;each aspect of the next steps to be taken to implement your technology;solution. You should provide all of the;important facts, without the expanded discussions used in full papers. Each;of the topics in the list below should be explained as they apply to your;proposed technology solution and to UMUC Haircuts, using a few sentences for;each topic and providing information specific to your solution.;Your annotated outline should address the next steps;in each of the following areas that UMUC Haircuts will take to implement your;technology solution;VERY brief description of proposed technology solution;including such things as what process is being improved, major hardware;employed, what major software will be used, what type of communications;will be used, who will provide the services, and what facilities are;needed. This should be done in just;3 or 4 sentences, to set the stage for the rest of the outline. Also, include the following from the end;of Stage 1 (with any recommended changes):Generic StrategyStrategic Business AreaProcess to be improvedProject Management (schedule, management of resources-both;human and financial, deliverables)System Development Life Cycle (all phases and how they;apply to your solution)Change Management (Note that there are two aspects;managing the change introduced with your technology solution and managing;changes to the solution after it is implemented.)Employee TrainingLeadership Expectations (the owner?s expectations of;how the project will be managed and what it will produce)Defining Success (what will be ?measured? to determine;if the process has been improved, and if the business strategy and;objectives are being met)Reference(s)Also, you need to do some external;research (using resources other than those in the classroom) on at;least one aspect of the assignment - your choice - and incorporate it and cite;it in APA format in your response.;The "right" and "wrong" answers have to;do with whether or not you correctly incorporated the concepts from the course;and addressed all areas of the assignment. Your ?next steps? must be;defined specifically forUMUC Haircuts, addressing its operation and its environment;and your technology solution. Use;the Rubric below to be sure you have covered all aspects.;Concepts;(from Weeks 6-7);?;Project Management: Solution Management Module (Week 6);?;SDLC: Solution Management Module (Week 6);?;Change Management: Leadership;Change Management Module (Week 7);?;Employee Training:Leadership & Change Management;Module (Week 7);?;Leadership Expectations: Leadership;Change Management Module (Week 7);?;Defining Success: This;is a good area for some external research;?;Project Management Best Practices;Project Management Best Practices(Week 7);Below;is an outline example.(Please note that full sentences are required for this;assignment);


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