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IFSM300 UMUC Haircuts Case Study STAGE 3 assignment




Question;Case;Study, Stage 3: IT Considerations for Proposed Technology Solution;Before;you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the ?UMUC Haircuts Case Study,?;the Stage 1 and Stage 2 projects, the ?Walmart Example? and the feedback;from previous assignments.;Purpose of this Assignment;This;assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of the areas to be;considered in planning and implementing a technology solution. This assignment;specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to;analyze;internal and external business processes to identify information systems;requirementsidentify;and plan IT solutions that meet business objectives.IT Considerations for Proposed;Technology Solution;For your Stage 2 Project, you proposed a;technology solution to improve a business process at the UMUC Haircuts business. In evaluating and implementing an IT;proposal, there are several areas that need to be considered. These considerations are listed in the table;provided below in this assignment.;Depending on the specific technology solution you proposed, some of the;considerations would be more important than others and some may not need;specific consideration for the initial implementation of your proposed solution. (If a consideration is not relevant for the;solution as described or for its implementation, but might be something for the;future, mark it ?N/A?. If for instance;cloud computing is not in the solution being implemented, but may be considered;in the future it would be N/A and not required for the solution. Please note that even N/A items require an;explanation.) The responses that you;enter into the table for each consideration must be aligned to the one specific;solution you proposed and appropriate to the UMUC Haircuts business.;Assignment;Using the technology solution you;proposed in Stage 2, you should briefly explain it and then copy the table;below and complete the remaining two columns. For each area of consideration, you should;rank it as high, medium, low, or N/A (Not Applicable) in importance or;relevance at time of implementation (and not some time in the future) for the;specific technology solution you proposed for UMUC Haircuts. Then, provide a brief explanation, a minimum;of two sentences for each, to justify that ranking or the N/A. Do not try to create a reason if there is;none, but carefully analyze each consideration and determine whether it applies;and how. Explanations must provide;enough information to convey the reasoning behind the ranking. DO NOT;copy definitions into the table, your own words should demonstrate your;understanding of the concept as you provide your explanation for the;ranking. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything. Submit your paper with answers to parts 1 and;2 below as a Microsoft Word document (or in a Word compatible document) with;your last name included in the filename.;Part;1:Briefly explain your proposed;technology solution. Identify what the;solution is, what it is expected to do for UMUC Haircuts, and what major;hardware, software and communications components will be used, summarizing the;information you provided for Stage 2. Also;please include the information that you provided at the end of Stage 1 (with;any modifications recommended by the professor) at the top of your paper;Generic Strategy;Strategic Business Area;Process to be improved;Part;2;Table of IT Considerations. The;Areas for consideration are defined in the section ?Concepts? which follows the;table of considerations below. An;example for one entry is also provided.;Click on the upper left corner of the table to copy it into your paper.


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