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uop cmgt410week 4 Individual Project paper memo




Question;Individual;Project;Controls;The company offsite;2-day training session project is about ready to enter the execution phase.;However, management has a history of being surprised with projects that;finished over-budget, did not adhere to the timeline, evinced waste of;resources, or did not meet expectations.;Address your strategy for the following in a 2- to 3-page;memo to gain their confidence in your project management abilities;?;Analyze and report;unplanned changes;?;Evaluate project;quality;?;Procedures you plan;to implement for handling change control issues;?;How you plan to;communicate whether the project is meeting any stated performance and quality;objectives.;Submit the paper as a Microsoft;Word document to the assignments link. Refer to the Grading Template for the;Week 4 Individual Assignment, below and in the course materials folder.


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