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Question;Unit E Quiz;Name;Multiple Choice;Identify;the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.;__C__ 1. Pressing ____ at the end of a row moves the;insertion point to the first cell in the next row.;a.;[Spacebar];c.;[Enter];b.;[Tab];d.;[Ctrl];__C__ 2. The lines that divide the columns and rows in;a table are called;a.;Gridlines;c.;Borders;b.;Guidelines;d.;Table lines;__D__3. Which Table menu command would you use to;insert a preformatted table template?;a.;Insert Table;c.;Create Table from;Template;b.;Draw Table;d.;Quick Tables;__B__ 4. Item ____, shown in the accompanying figure;is a cell.;a.;1;c.;3;b.;2;d.;4;_D___5. Item ____, shown in the accompanying figure, is;a column.;a.;2;c.;4;b.;3;d.;5;__C__ 6. How do you delete a row?;a.;Select the row and;press [Delete].;b.;Select the row and;press [Ctrl][Delete].;c.;Select the row;right-click the selected row, and click Delete Rows on the menu that opens.;d.;Select the row and;press [Ctrl][D].;__B__ 7. How do you insert multiple rows at the same;time?;a.;Click Insert;Multiple Rows in the Rows & Columns group.;b.;Select the number;of rows you want to insert, then use the buttons in the Rows & Columns;group to insert the new rows.;c.;Select one row and;click the Insert Above or Insert Below button. You will be prompted to choose;how many rows to insert.;d.;You cannot insert;multiple rows at the same time.;__A__8. What happens when you use the Copy or Cut and;Paste commands to move a row in a table?;a.;The row is inserted;above the row containing the insertion point.;b.;The row is inserted;below the row containing the insertion point.;c.;You are prompted to;choose where to insert the row.;d.;You cannot use the;Copy or Cut and Paste commands to move rows in a table.;__B__ 9. Which command would you use to make the width;of all selected columns fit the text?;a.;Distribute Columns;c.;No Spacing;b.;AutoFit;d.;Alignment;__A__10. Press ____ as you drag a border to display the;column width or row height measurements on the ruler.;a.;[Alt];c.;[Shift];b.;[Ctrl];d.;[Ctrl][Alt];__C__11. What happens when you click the table move;handle?;a.;The table moves.;b.;All the rows and;columns are automatically resized.;c.;The table is;selected.;d.;The pointer changes;to the Move pointer.;__D__12. If you want to quickly make all the columns in;a table the same width, which command do you use?;a.;AutoFit Contents;c.;Distribute Rows;b.;AutoFit Window;d.;Distribute Columns;__A__13. How do you center the text vertically in each;table cell?;a.;Select the table;and click the Center button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab.;b.;Select the table;and click the Align Center Left button in the Alignment group on the Table;Tools Layout tab.;c.;Select the table;and click the Distribute Columns button.;d.;Select the table;and click the AutoFit button.;__C__14. Which tab in the Table Properties dialog box;allows you set text wrapping options for the table?;a.;Column;c.;Table;b.;Row;d.;Cell;_A___15. Which dialog box is used to set an exact width;for the table?;a.;Table Properties;c.;Table Setup;b.;Page Setup;d.;Table Options;_D___16. Which sort order lists data alphabetically from;A to Z?;a.;Alphabetical;c.;Sequential;b.;Descending;d.;Ascending;__D__17. Use the ____ dialog box to organize the rows;of a table in alphabetical or sequential order based on the data in one or more;columns.;a.;Organize;c.;Table Properties;b.;Format Table;d.;Sort;__D__18. A ____ row is the first row of a table that;contains the column headings.;a.;header;c.;primary;b.;title;d.;heading;_B___19. The Split Cells command appears in the;group on the Table Tools Layout tab.;a.;Rows & Columns;c.;Merge;b.;Cell Size;d.;Split;__A__20. By default, table cells have ____ left and;right cell margins with no spacing between the cells.;a.;.08?;c.;.05?;b.;.03?;d.;.10?;__D__21. The cell in the fifth row of the third column;is cell ____.;a.;5C;c.;E3;b.;3E;d.;C5;_B___22. Which key is used to update a calculation?;a.;[F6];c.;[F4];b.;[F9];d.;[F3];_B___23. Click the Formula button in the ____ group on;the Table Tools Layout tab to open the Formula dialog box.;a.;Table;c.;Formulas;b.;Rows & Columns;d.;Data;_C___24. In the table shown in the accompanying;figure, what is the cell reference for the cell labeled ?A??;a.;1C;c.;C1;b.;A3;d.;3A;__B__25. In the table shown in the accompanying;figure, what is the cell reference for the cell labeled ?C??;a.;A5;c.;E1;b.;A9;d.;5A;_A___26. What formula would you use to calculate the;total of the values in cells A1 through A4?;a.;=SUM(A1:A4);c.;=SUM(A1-A4);b.;=(A1-A4);d.;=(A1:A4);_A___27. You can click ____ in the gallery of table;styles to remove all borders, shading, and other style elements from the;selected table.;a.;Clear;c.;Default;b.;Reset;d.;Remove;__D__28. What is a ?nested table??;a.;A table whose;gridlines are hidden.;b.;A table that;contains graphics.;c.;A table that is;used to lay out a Web page.;d.;A table inserted;within the cell of another table.;__C__29. ____ are blue dotted lines that show the;boundaries of cells, but do not print.;a.;Gridlines;c.;Guidelines;b.;Borders;d.;Cell lines;_C___30. To turn gridlines off or on, you should click;the View Gridlines button in the ____ group on the Table Tools Layout tab.;a.;Data;c.;Format;b.;Table;d.;Rows & Columns


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