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1. You should determine the amount of investment f...




1. You should determine the amount of investment funds you currently have available in all personal investments and self-directed and vested retirement accounts. 2. Then determine how much you will be adding to your investments a year in the future. 3. Next, decide at what age you plan to retire. Determine what annual investment return you expect to earn on your investments. 4. Now calculate the future value of your investments at retirement. 5. Justify your return rate by explaining what you plan to invest in and its historic returns. 6. After determining your nest egg at retirement, adjust the variables at least three times as a means of increasing the retirement account. For example, change the age you will retire, change the expected return rate, and change the amount you save annually. Try to adjust the variables in order that you can develop a retirement value that you are happy with. You can either use real numbers and discussion based upon these real numbers, or if uncomfortable with providing personal info, use hypothetical numbers.


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