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Question;Ethics Module;Schedule;Available now. Due;02/23/2014 11:59 PM EST;Top of Form;Question;1;Select one answer.;10 points;Marie has a part time business selling jewelry. At her full time;job as an accountant, she uses the company employee database to obtain;addresses for employees that she knows well so she invite them to a party at;her home designed to let them see and buy jewelry. Is this acceptable use?;?;Yes;?;No;?;Maybe;Question;2;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following is usually one of the purposes of a user;access agreement?;?;To prevent;employees from acting illegally;?;To inform employees;about acceptable and unacceptable uses of IT resources;?;To encourage;employees to create more secure passwords;?;To inform potential;employees of company IT policies;Question;3;Select one answer.;10 points;What is the purpose of a user access agreement?;?;to define all;approved uses of the company?s IT resources;?;to define every;sanction to be applied if a violation occurs;?;to outline in;general the acceptable and unacceptable use of IT resources;?;to outline all;acceptable and unacceptable behavior of all company employees;Question;4;Select one answer.;10 points;Would the following be considered a violation of a user access;agreement?;knowingly uploading or distributing files that contain viruses;spyware, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the;operation of another's computer;?;yes;?;no;?;maybe;Question;5;Select one answer.;10 points;?While employed at this company, no information obtained in the;course of employment may be used to advance personal gain, including financial;reward.? This statement would most likely be found in a;?;user access;agreement;?;employee code of;conduct;?;professional;association code of conduct;Question;6;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following issues would most likely NOT be addressed;in an employee code of conduct?;?;relationships with;clients, suppliers, or people outside the company;?;compensation tables;for all employee categories;?;general employee;conduct while at work;?;sexual harassment;Question;7;Select one answer.;10 points;A friend shares a bootlegged copy of a movie on DVD. Are you in;violation of copyright laws by watching this DVD?;?;Yes. If you are;aware that it is bootlegged, you are as guilty as the person who created the;bootlegged copy in the first place.;?;No. Only the person;who made the bootlegged copy is guilty of violating copyright laws.;Question;8;Select one answer.;10 points;You make a copy of a software application CD or DVD to lend to a;friend. Is this legal?;?;yes;?;no;Question;9;Select one answer.;10 points;You download a copy of a software program that is ?shareware.?;The download agreement specifies that you are allowed to freely download and;share the download link with others to try it out for 30 days. Since you are an;experienced programmer, you decide to alter the mechanism that causes the;program to stop functioning unless paid for after the 30 day trial, just in;case you don?t use it enough during the trial period to decide if you want to;buy it. Are you in violation of copyright law?;?;Yes;?;No;Question;10;Select one answer.;10 points;The Digital Millennium Copyright Act...;?;ensures that;Internet service providers (ISPs) have no penalties or obligations resulting;from illegal software being posted on their sites.;?;allows copying or;distribution of copies of copyrighted software.;?;provides penalties;for bypassing or providing tools to bypass protection mechanisms built into;copyrighted software.;?;addresses only;copyrighted software issues.;Question;11;Select one answer.;10 points;In the list below, which online social networking activity might;be considered dangerous and possibly result in a negative outcome?;?;Postings tips;project photos, and ideas on a hobby-related forum.;?;Posting your resume;on a job-seeking or job-posting site.;?;Posting photos of;oneself that might be considered risqu? or offensive.;?;Posting vacation;photos after you have returned home.;Question;12;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following statements is true?;?;Cyberbullies attack;only minors.;?;Cyberstalking is;the cyberbullying of an adult.;?;Cyberstalkers;rarely request face-to-face meetings with their victims.;Bottom of Form;Privacy;Module;Schedule;Available now. Due;02/23/2014 11:59 PM EST;Top of Form;Question;1;Select one answer.;10 points;Gaining access to a user ID and password is most often used by;cyber criminals to;?;Burglarize houses;whose owners are on vacation;?;Steal personally;identifiable information in order to commit identity theft;?;Break into networks;?;Read personal;emails for the purpose of blackmailing;Question;2;Select one answer.;10 points;Would this incident be an example of social engineering?;Finding a music CD on the subway and playing it on your;computer.;?;yes;?;no;Question;3;Select one answer.;10 points;Social engineering is a technique used by those with a high;level of technical skills.;?;True;?;False;Question;4;Select one answer.;10 points;You are working as a receptionist at a real estate company. You;receive a phone call from one of the agents who asks for the email address of;another agent he needs to contact.;?;Social engineering;?;Not social;engineering;Question;5;Select one answer.;10 points;State the correct response to the following questions about;computer compromises.;Malware problems and other compromises of your computer;information are rare.;?;true;?;false;Question;6;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following is generally NOT considered PII?;?;Your library card;number;?;Your social;security number;?;Your driver license;number;?;Your bank account;number;Question;7;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following measures is least likely to help you;protect your PII?;?;logging off or;shutting down your computer when it?s not in use.;?;locking your;computer in the back of your car knowing that your car has an alarm.;?;keeping the;?remember me? button checked on a social networking site.;Question;8;Select one answer.;10 points;Can the following action be a result of your PII being;compromised.;Being denied access to your own bank account online.;?;yes;?;no;Question;9;Select one answer.;10 points;Indicate whether the following actions are the actions of a;person who will be a victim, or will not be a victim, of phishing attacks.;Deleting the attachment in an unexpected e-mail.;?;phishing victim;?;not a phishing;victim;Question;10;Select one answer.;10 points;Identify whether the following actions pose a risk of becoming a;phishing victim or do not pose a risk. Using a computer in his college?s open;lab, Oscar orders a textbook he needs from an online vendor by typing in their;url, using his credit card.;?;Not a risk of becoming;a phishing victim;?;Risk of becoming a;phishing victim;Question;11;Select one answer.;10 points;Indicate whether the following actions are the actions of a;person who will be a victim, or will not be a victim, of phishing attacks.;Clicking on a link to the URL;?;phishing victim;?;not a phishing;victim;Question;12;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following emails is most likely to involve phishing;?;An email sent to;multiple recipients;?;An email from;someone you know;?;An email containing;a clickable url;?;An email that goes;to your email program?s spam folder;Question;13;Select one answer.;10 points;For the next question, indicate whether the actions are good;practices or bad practices to safeguard your personally identifiable;information. Anthony has spent time developing a super secure password. He now;uses it for all his accounts.;?;Good practice;?;Bad practice;Question;14;Select one answer.;10 points;For the next question, indicate whether the actions are good;practices or bad practices to safeguard your personally identifiable;information. You receive an email whose title line looks suspicious. Which of;the following actions is the safest?;?;Google the site the;email is coming from;?;Clicking an;?unsubscribe? link in the email;?;Deleting the email;without opening;?;Putting the site in;your spam filter rules so you don?t receive any more emails;Question;15;Select one answer.;10 points;Marina?s personal computer requires a password to get access.;?;good practice;?;bad practice;Security;Module;Schedule;Available now. Due;02/23/2014 11:59 PM EST;Top of Form;Question;1;Select one answer.;10 points;It?s more important to understand risk and compromise than it is;to use strong passwords.;?;true;?;false;Question;2;Select one answer.;10 points;A risk is a threat that a resource, for example a computer, may;be compromised.;?;True;?;False;Question;3;Select one answer.;10 points;The computer crashed just as Tatiana was accessing her e-mail.;The computer was scrapped because it couldn?t be fixed. The availability of;Tatiana?s e-mail is compromised.;?;true;?;false;Question;4;Select one answer.;10 points;Miguel has decided to use cloud storage. He needs to refer to;one of the files he has stored there, but his Internet service has been;interrupted by a power failure in his area. Which aspect of his resource (the;data he stored in the cloud) has been compromised?;?;Confidentiality;?;Integrity;?;Availability;Question;5;Select one answer.;10 points;Russell wrote his user ID and password to his work computer on a;piece of paper. He put the paper near his phone. He later realized that someone;could get into his account so he tore up the paper and threw it away. The;confidentiality of his account was compromised.;?;true;?;false;Question;6;Select one answer.;10 points;In the scenario below, identify which of the three dimensions is;primarily threatened or compromised.;The constant popups on his computer are making it difficult for;Alfonso to accomplish work that involves being on the Internet.;?;integrity;?;confidentiality;?;availability;Question;7;Select one answer.;10 points;A small company that keeps identical lists of employees in different;departments runs the risk of a compromise to which aspect of that data?;?;Availability;?;Confidentiality;?;Integrity;Question;8;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following is most likely to be spread by a USB;drive?;?;A virus;?;A Trojan horse;?;Spam;?;A worm;Question;9;Select one answer.;10 points;Sam?s bank advised him that his account was overdrawn. But Sam?s;records show he has $900 in his account. Sam learns from the bank that;someone?s been withdrawing money from his account online with his user ID and;password. What did the cybercriminal likely use to steal Sam?s account;information?;?;spyware;?;viruses;Question;10;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following is MOST likely to protect you against;cybercriminal attacks?;?;Having your email;program remember your password;?;Sharing your;password only for a good reason;?;Keeping your;software and operating system up to date;?;Using an easy to;remember password;Question;11;Select one answer.;10 points;A computer is completely compromised when it won?t turn on or;operate. The best way to fix it is;?;have it fixed by a;computer professional;?;change all of your;passwords in your online accounts;Question;12;Select one answer.;10 points;Your computer shuts down every time you try to access the;Internet with your browser. Which of the following is the most likely cause?;?;Your computer has;been compromised.;?;Your Internet;connection is faulty.;?;Your browser needs;to be reinstalled.;?;Your identity has;been stolen.;Ethics;Privacy, Security Unit;Schedule;Available now. Due;02/23/2014 11:59 PM EST;Top of Form;Question;1;Select one answer.;10 points;Where would you expect to find the following statement?;?I shall be willing to share my knowledge and expertise with;others and always act in such a way that reflects favorably on my profession.?;?;code of ethical;conduct for a professional organization;?;employee code of;conduct;?;user access;agreement;Question;2;Select one answer.;10 points;Why do professional associations develop a code of conduct for;members?;?;to guide and govern;the behaviors of its members;?;to ensure that the;members demonstrate behaviors that reflect positively on the organization and;that profession as a whole;?;to promote the;highest professional ethical and standards among their members;?;all of the above;professional associations self-regulate their members via a code of conduct.;?;none of the above;professional associations do not have the power to regulate or direct the;behavior of their members;Question;3;Select one answer.;10 points;Donnell backed up the information on his computer every week on;a flash drive. Before copying the files to the flash drive, he aways ran a;virus scan against the files to ensure that no viruses were being copied to the;flash drive. He bought a new computer and inserted the flash drive so that he;could transfer his files onto the new computer. He got a message on the new;computer that the flash drive was corrupted and unreadable, the information on;the flash drive cannot be retrieved. Assuming that the flash drive is not;carrying a virus, this situation reflects which of the following;?;compromise of the;security of the information on the flash drive.;?;risk of a potential;breach in the integrity of the data on the flash drive;?;neither;Question;4;Select one answer.;10 points;How is ?compromise? defined in the context of information;technology and information security?;?;A compromise is a;security breach that is always perpetrated by a malicious attacker.;?;A compromise is the;potential for an intrusion into a computer system or unauthorized access to an;online account, file, or other resource.;?;A compromise is a;breach in the security of a computer system, an account, a file, or another;online resource.;?;A compromise is a;security breach that is never the result of an accidental action by a user.;Question;5;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following would most likely to prevent your;becoming a victim of cyberstalking while using social networking?;?;Posting photos of;friends;?;Reading the privacy;policy of the social networking site;?;Minimizing;interaction with others on the social network;?;Monitoring your;privacy settings and adjusting as necessary;Question;6;Select one answer.;10 points;The most vulnerable information that should be protected to;prevent unauthorized access to your online files and records is;?;your name and;address;?;your user ID and;password;?;your driver?s;license number and credit card number;Question;7;Select one answer.;10 points;A friend gives you his single-user copy of a copyrighted;software application program so that you can load it on your computer. Who is;guilty of an inappropriate use of digital content sharing?;?;your friend;?;you;?;both of you;?;neither of you;Question;8;Select one answer.;10 points;One of the purposes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act;is...;?;to discourage;Internet service providers from allowing file transfers.;?;to outline;penalties for bypassing or providing tools to bypass protection mechanisms;built into copyrighted software.;?;to provide;scenarios that define when it is legal to copy and sell copyrighted software.;?;none of the above.;Question;9;Select one answer.;10 points;Marissa maintains an account on a social networking site. She;always performs updates on her own time, making sure to avoid visiting the site;at work. Lately she has been upset by a new policy at her company and has made comments;about it on her social networking page. Which of the following parts of a Code;of Conduct is Marissa violating?;?;use your knowledge;of organizational information in a responsible way;?;take care of any;property assigned to you;?;maintain the;security and confidentiality of your user ID and password;?;use the;organization?s supplies and services for official purposes only;Question;10;Select one answer.;10 points;May holders of confidential information release it to authorized;users with permission?;?;yes;?;no;Question;11;Select one answer.;10 points;Medical records are protected by the Health Insurance;Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Can your medical records be made;available to others who request this information (employers, insurance;companies, other doctors)?;?;Yes;?;No;Question;12;Select one answer.;10 points;The tools that cybercriminals often use, including computer;viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware, are called;?;malware;?;denial of service;?;hacking;?;spam;Question;13;Select one answer.;10 points;Which of the following is good practice to ensure that you do;not get malware on your computer from an online source?;?;Update your;antivirus software either manually or automatically each time you connect to;the internet.;?;Use only the latest;version(s) of the brower(s) you normally use to access the internet.;?;Block all popups;(activate the popup blocker for all sites).;?;Do not open email;attachments.;Question;14;Select one answer.;10 points;PII is;?;information that;uniquely identifies you in records that can be obtained online.;?;always used to;illegally gain access to your online records.;?;safe because only;you have this combination of name, social security number, and bank account;credit card numbers, or driver?s license number.;Question;15;Select one answer.;10 points;Encryption of data means that;?;If you have lost;the password for an encrypted file on your computer, you can still retrieve the;data in that file.;?;information can be;stored or transmitted via shared media without risking disclosure;?;Secure websites;that employ encryption at the site or between your computer and the website;will start with "http://;Question;16;Select one answer.;10 points;Sara is using her personal laptop (which is password protected);at a "hotspot" at a local cafe with wifi access. She is in the middle;of placing an online order when friends arrive and she stops her work to visit.;What is her best (and most convenient) way to protect the PII that she has;already entered (she has only logged onto a site with her ID and password and;put some items in her basket for purchase)?;?;Exit all programs;and shut down the computer.;?;It is okay to stop;her work and leave the site open. Since she has not yet arrived at the Pay;information, her credit card information or pay type has not been entered.;?;Close the lid on;the laptop. In most cases this will put the computer in hibernate mode (closes;programs and shuts down the computer. All the programs and web pages that were;open will restart when the laptop is opened again.). Some information might be;lost on the order page, but that is safer than exposing her PII.;Question;17;Select one answer.;10 points;You log into your legitimate online classroom site with your;existing ID and password and are alerted that your password will expire in 14;days. You are directed to go to a Change Password site via a link on the login;page. Is it safe to continue to the link and change your password?;?;Yes;?;No;Question;18;Select one answer.;10 points;Online social networks are a totally safe environment in which;to expand one?s contacts and meet people from any part of the world.;?;True;?;False;Question;19;Select one answer.;10 points;What is the purpose of a user access agreement?;?;to outline all;acceptable and unacceptable behavior of all company employees;?;to outline every;sanction to be applied if a violation of the agreement occurs;?;to outline in;general the acceptable and unacceptable use of all company resources;?;to outline in;general approved and unapproved uses of the company?s IT resources;Question;20;Select one answer.;10 points;User access agreements (acceptable use policies) generally;outline the acceptable uses of IT resources, but seldom mention unacceptable;uses.;?;True;?;False;Bottom of Form;Save;Submit and Finish;Bottom of Form;Bottom of Form


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