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Network Security assignment




Question;Pasternak and Pym, a local bookstore, has contacted you as they have heard;good things about your network design skills. They currently have a wireless;network set up for the business, but would like to allow customers to browse the;web while they sip a beverage in the coffee shop.;P&P has requested that you send them your ideas and recommendations in;memo form on how to create one overall network that incorporates the two;wireless networks (the protected bookstore network and the unprotected public;network). They would like to see a diagram of the entire network, costs, and how;long it would take to implement.;Using either a Microsoft Word Memo template or another example, create a memo;outlining the request, answering all P&P's questions, including a diagram.;You can use any drawing software (Visio, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) to create the;diagram.


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