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devry comp 129 week 1 syllabus quiz




Question;(Syllabus Question) What materials are required for this;course? Select all that apply.;A+;Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, 6th edition;CORRECT A+ Guide to Managing and;Maintaining Your PC, 7th edition;CORRECT A+ Essentials TestOut Software with;Activation code;CORRECT A+ IT Technician TestOut Software;with Activation code;CORRECT LabSim Comp 129 Bundle software;product activation code;Question 2. Question;(Syllabus Question) You will need your Lab Simulation;Software for your lab assignment in what week of the course?;Weeks 6 and 7 only;Starting in Week 1 and throughout the term so;buy it early!;Weeks 4, 5, and 6 only;What LabSim software? We were not required to;buy any of that stuff!;Question 3. Question;(Syllabus Question) This term, the quizzes are worth;% of your final grade and the Final Exam is worth ______% of your final;grade.;14%, 35%;10%, 30%;30%, 25.5%;28%, 25.5%;Question 4. Question;(Syllabus Question) Which weeks of the course have weekly;quizzes, and how many points is each quiz?;Weeks 1 - 7, 40 points each;All weeks except Week 4, 20 points each;All weeks except Week 4, 40 point each;Weeks 1 - 7, 20 points each;Question 5. Question;(Syllabus Question) Each week contains two graded discussion;topics. To get full credit for each week's discussions, you must contribute at;least ______ quality posts to _______ topic.;3, either;3, each;6, either;6, each;Question 6. Question;(Syllabus Question) A high score for quality in the;discussions is dependent upon behaviors such as _______ and _______.;agreeing with other students, posting relevant;information;posting at least three times per topic;helping other students understand the material;providing additional information, helping;other students understand the material;posting to each topic at least three times;elaborating on another student's thoughts;Question 7. Question;(Syllabus Question) Plagiarism is a violation of the;Academic Integrity code of this institution. It is important that students;fully cite any outside ideas, text, and visual aides they reference. The;plagiarism policy applies to which of the following course activities?;Exams;Discussions;Assignments and Labs;All of the above


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