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Question;(TCO 3) What is/are the motherboard's primary purpose(s)?;House the CPU;Enable communication between the CPU and;devices;Enable communication between devices;All of the above;Question 2. Question;(TCO 3) The _______ of the CPU manages data and instructions;entering and leaving the CPU.;arithmetic logic unit (ALU);cache;control unit;input/output (I/O) unit;Question 3. Question;(TCO 3) Which CPU from the list below runs at the highest;speed?;Student Answer: Classic Pentium;Pentium III;Pentium 4;Pentium 4 with HT Technology;Question 4. Question;(TCO 3) On the newest ATX motherboards, you will find;ISA slots.;six;four;two;zero;Question 5. Question;(TCO 3) Why does a Pentium system require that SIMMs be;installed in pairs?;It takes two 32-bit SIMMs to accommodate a;64-bit data path.;It takes two SIMMs to yield 8 MB of memory;which is required for a Pentium to work.;Pentium system boards are designed to require;at least two SIMMs so that the system will have enough memory for normal;operation.;None of the above. A SIMM can work on a;Pentium system board as an individual module.;Question 6. Question;(TCO 3) The _______ on a motherboard holds the basic software;needed to start a PC.;RAM;ROM BIOS;hard drive;chip set;Question 7. Question;(TCO 3) The standard local I/O bus on computers is the;bus.;AGP;PCI;ISA;OSS;Question 8. Question;(TCO 3) If you forget the BIOS password, you can reset it by;(A) removing the CMOS battery;(B) shorting the pins on the CMOS jumper;(C) calling the manufacturer;Both A and B;Question 9. Question;(TCO 2) Which sequence of events is correct in terms of the;boot process?;The system clock is started, the video card is;tested, the keyboard is checked, and Windows is loaded.;The video card is tested, the system clock is;started, the keyboard is checked, and Windows is loaded.;Windows is loaded, the video card is tested;the keyboard is checked, and the system clock is started.;The system clock is started, the keyboard is;checked, the video card is tested, and Windows is loaded.;Comments;Question 10. Question;(TCO 2) The _______ on a motherboard holds the basic;software needed to start a PC.;RAM;ROM BIOS;hard drive;chip set


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