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devry comp 129 week 6 quiz




Question;TCO 8) The protocols used to encrypt account names and;passwords are called authentication protocols. The two most popular protocols;are ______ and Kerberos.;CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication;Protocol);CIPE (Crypto IP Encapsulation);IPSec (Internet Protocol Security);SSL (Secure Sockets Layer);Question 2. Question;(TCO 9) When a notebook computer goes into ______ mode;information in memory is saved to the hard disk. If there is an interruption in;power, the information is not lost.;hibernation;idle;ready;standby;Question 3. Question;(TCO 9) Addition of peripherals (such as wireless network;cards and hard drives) to notebooks can be accomplished with the use of ______.;EIDE;expansion slots;PC cards;USB;Question 4. Question;(TCO 8) One job of a firewall is to ensure that incoming;communications ______.;are blocked;contain no viruses;contain no spyware;were solicited by the PC;Question 5. Question;(TCO 9) What types of SO-DIMMS can NOT be used in a notebook;PC?;200-pin DDR SO-DIMMs;72-pin SO-DIMMs;144-pin SO-DIMMs;200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMMs;64-pin DDR2 SO-DIMMs;Question 6. Question;(TCO 9) A ______ provides the same functions as a port;replicator, but also adds secondary storage, such as an extra hard drive, a;floppy drive, or a DVD drive.;docking station;storage port;secondary station;drive bank;4;Comments;Question 7. Question;(TCO 9) ______ let you specify which devices are to be;loaded on startup for a particular user or set of circumstances.;Hardware profiles;Folder redirections;Briefcase profiles;Startup profiles;Question 8. Question;(TCO 8) At a command prompt, you can use the _______ command;to control how user accounts can access files and folders.;Cacls;Perm;Cont;Acc;Question 9. Question;(TCO 8) A ______ does not need a host program to work;rather, it substitutes itself for a legitimate program.;logic bomb;Trojan horse;virus;browser hijacker;Comments;Question 10. Question;(TCO 8) A ______ tracks all of your keystrokes on a PC.;keylogger;worm;spyware;browser hijacker


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