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CIS517 Assignment 3 week 7




Question;Create 15 or more decomposed work packages into 4 levels that are assigned to 5 or more main tasks (75 line items).? Ensure the main WBS tasks headings are the 5 PMBOK? process areas (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring& Controlling and Closing)? Create a Work Breakdown Structure Code for each task. (as seen in above example)? Determine an overall project duration and duration estimates for each of the tasks. The duration is not to exceed 90 days.? Create accurate work package assumptions and duration estimates.? Include 7 resources assigned in the Resource Sheet as ?Work? types and 3 resources assigned as ? Material? types.? Ensure the Resources are paid no more than $30/hour and that the ?Material? cost per use will not exceed $50.? Include your resources and materials from the Resource Sheet in the task sheet.? Create 10 dependencies in the Task Sheet


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