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System build projectPayroll and Billing System




Question;System Build ProjectFor this project, you will design a system for the organization of your choosing. This could be for a current or former employer or some fictitious organization. The system you design might be data storage, telecommunications, e-commerce, accounting information, manufacturing process system, inventory management, or some other system approved by your instructor. You will discover (or create, if you choose a fictional organization) and explain the main systems in place, discuss the integration, and explain how the data collected by these systems helps the organization make decisions and carry out the strategic plan. This project must meet the written communication skills at a Bachelor level competency as described in the Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative.Specific parts of the paper should include:? Determine the System (Needs Analysis)o Problem to solveo Determine specific issueo What part can technology solveo Get input from creators and userso How solving this problem supports the organization's mission? Integration of system into current organization systemo Describe current major systemso Discuss compatibility of the new system with current systemso Explore various decision-making support modelso Evaluate the advantages and limitations of data in DSSo Explore different implementation processeso Define the process choseno Explore security issues for this system? Feasibilityo Hardware determinants (types, capacity, speed, processing power)o Software determinants (types, applications, compatibility, integration)o maintenance and upgrade, obsolescence issues, future changes in technologyo Cost analysis (total upfront cost, total cost of ownership)o Organizational culture and technology changes? Measuremento Critical success factors (how often it will be monitored, how we will know it is successful, creator and/or user of the data/system input)o Efficiency measurement (how has it increased or not increased efficiency)o Cost measurement (save costs, ROI on initial outlay)


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