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In Windows 7, you can open the command prompt console by clicking Start




Question;1. (TCO 9) In Windows 7, you can open the command prompt console by clicking Start, pointing to all programs, clicking accessories, and clicking ____. (Points: 2) command promptCmdconsolecommand;2. (TCO 9) To page through a list of Fedora 13 directories and files on a disk (or any list that is too long for a one-screen display), use the ____ command. (Points: 2) chrootdirsdirnamemore;3. (TCO 9) In Fedora 13, to control the order in which items appear in a list, you pipe the output of the lscommand to a ____ command. (Points: 2) sortpwdselectfind;4. (TCO 9) In the Windows 7 CLI, you can create a subdirectory using the ____ command. (Points: 2) TREEMDCDDIR;5. (TCO 9) In the Fedora 13 CLI, you create a directory using the ____ command. (Points: 2) mkdirchdirmdcd;6. (TCO 10) To hide a directory named Secret, you would type: ____. (Points: 2) DIR +H SecretDIR -H SecretATTRIB +H SecretATTRIB -H Secret;7. (TCO 10) Windows 7 uses file extensions to identify file ____. (Points: 2) relationshipsassociationssourcesattributes;8. (TCO 10) Unlike Windows 7, when you save a file in Fedora 13, the application stores file and directory attributes in a(n) ____. (Points: 2) inodematrixtablevector;9. (TCO 10) To find files containing words that start with the characters Work, use the following command: ____. (Points: 2) FINDSTR /R "work."FIND /R "work."FINDSTR /R "\


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