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Topic - How anti-virus software works. OUTLINE AND REFERENCES




Question;This;list of 6-10 sources will become your reference page. You may change your;references before the final paper is due, but this preliminary references page should;present a complete view of your topic. Also, your text book and Internet;basesd sources (do not use Wikipedia);are valid sources. The outline should follow standard outline format. This milestone is worth 30 points toward the;total grade for the paper.The;reference page is a list of your sources with enough information about each;source so that readers can locate them if needed. You don't have to make your;final decisions about sources yet, but it is important to locate good sources;before proceeding with your paper. So, let's put together the reference page in;APA format. If needed, links to APA guides are available in the External Links;section of the course. Don't rely on one source too much - have a good list of;references so that your paper is based on solid information.


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