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Question;Your company is bought out by another company and there were massive layoffs.;Your manager was one of the casualties. In the reorganization, your department;was moved to the new parent company which means new coworkers and more;importantly, a new boss as part of a new publishing company with 300 employees;over 4 sites. Your new manager visited your new desk as you were unpacking your;stapler and announced that you were the person with the most experience so they;needed you to give a presentation to the other department managers on the need;for physical security and adequately configuring your company's network to be;secure. Since you don't have a list of equipment, you have a little leeway on;what your presentation will include in that respect, however, for details on;physical security, you have to make sure you include the basics. Make sure you;detail what will deter hackers from breaking in.;Submit a PowerPoint presentation with 8-10 (or more) slides that outlines;your company's needs for these types of security, how it should be used, and how;it is to be structured.


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