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Question;Select and respond to one of the following. If you use additional resources;remember to list them at the end of the posting.;Perform a limited risk management activity on your personal computer.;Conduct an asset identification (hardware, software, devices, etc.), threat;identification, vulnerability appraisal, risk assessment and risk mitigation.;Under each category, describe the elements that pertain to your system. What;major vulnerabilities did you find? How can you mitigate the risks?;Your author discusses some of the issues associated with rogue access;points. Find a least one article that focuses on a defense against rogue access;points, and provide a summary as well as a link to the article. In addition;consider that many phones can now act as wifi access points. Would the defense;you've summarized work with a wifi rogue access point?;Complete;the network / password scanning lab using Wireshark (attached here). See the;details in the attached document. Post your findings to the forum.


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