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Question;Information comes at us so fast and furious these days that looking at new;books on is actually a good practice for learning about new, hot;topics such as Agile PM. The single best book, arguably, to come out to date on;how PMBOK-schooled adn practiced PM's can best make the transition to Agile PM;and/or learn some new tricks from Agile PM is The Software Project;Manager's Bridge to Agility. Click on the link below to see the page;o this book;;Note: This book is amoong the required readings for;candidates studying for the PMI-ACP certification from PMI. The PMI-ACP is the;leading industry certification in Agile PM, along with the ScrumMaster;certification.;To complete this conference, you need to do two things;1) Read over the information at the above link and "look;inside" the book's table of contents by clicking on the book image;and tell me why or why not this books appeals to you. Then find the single piece;of information on this page that potentially helps you most in preparing for;doing Scenario 2, in which you read two short articles and write an email of;your analysis relative to which projects are best completed using PMBOK and;which projects are best with Agile PM techniques. Describe in this first;response, after you discuss the book's appeal to you, which information may be;of most value to you in successfully executing Scenario 2.;2) Search the web for this book and its authors;(Sliger/Broderick). Write a literature review entry consisting of the source;you referenced and 50+ words summarizing what the source is saying about this;book. Then describe in 50+ words what this tells you about how PMBOK and Agile;PM techniques compare with each other OR what was said about one of the these;two PM techniques.;Scenario 2 for your reference;Scenario #2 (Analysis Email - individual);Scenario 2: Article and Project Fit Analysis for;the PMO Director;UMUC IFSM 441;Introduction;Before you begin this;assignment, be sure you have read the ?XYZ Corporation Case?.;Purpose of the Assignment;This assignment gives;students the opportunity to apply IFSM 441 course concepts and specifically;addresses the following course outcomes;1.;Evaluate the values, principles, strategies and practice of Agile;tools in order to mitigate uncertainty and risk with project delivery.;2.;Compare Agile versus traditional project methodologies in order to;provide best fit for the organization.;3.;Apply Agile framework to meet the specific operational;needs.;Your;Job Title, Role, and Background at XYZ Corporation;You are a Senior Project;Analyst. You report to the PMO Director. Your main role is as an analyst and;advisor to the PMO Director. Your background includes a BS in IFSM from UMUC;and PMP and PMI-ACP certifications. You have 4 years work experience at XYZ;since joining the company after graduation. In your short career, you have;shown an ability to perform good analysis and to assist management and senior;management in decision support. Your job responsibilities routinely call for;you to write analyses of published information and project governance decision;papers at the request of the PMO Director.;Overview;of Scenario #1 Task Assignment;The PMO Director has two;related task requests for you that she wants you to address in one email;1) Send her your brief reactions in email to two articles that she has;requested that you read and comment on, 2) Send her your;recommendations/justifications in an email for which project methodology;projects should use. You should create only one email deliverable for these two;requests. The two web-available articles to read are authored by notable Agile;visionary Michele Sliger;1. Relating PMBOK Practices;to Agile Practices - Part 1 of4 (Sliger);;2.;Relating PMBOK Practices to Agile Practices - Part 2 of 4 (Sliger);;The PMO Director has;assigned the following 3 projects to briefly review to help him prep for his;upcoming PMO Project Review Meeting. For each of these 3 projects you are to;advise the PMO Director which XYZ Project Management Methodology is most;suitable for use with each proposed project, along with a 6-8 sentence analysis;of your main justifications. The list of projects and related key information;follows;1.;Internal/External: Internal project for the Administration Division. Project;Title:XYZ Headquarters Construction Review Project. Brief;Description: XYZ has contracted with ABC Construction for the building;of a new $40M corporate headquarters building in Rockville, MD and a XYZ;project team is needed to oversee the construction process and ensure all;requirements are met per building plans and architectural drawings.;2.;Other Key Information: The project team will serve as the main;interface with the ABC Construction company and will be responsible for;providing all needed internal support for the building project. The;Administration Division has not requested any project management methodology.;Past construction monitoring projects have used the PMBOK Methodology. The;timeline of the project is 1.5 years.;3.;Internal/External: External project for the Health Crisis Prevention and;Response Management Service/Product Delivery Division. Project;Title:Health Crisis Response Portal Project. Brief;Description: XYZ has just won a contract with the federal government;to put in place a state-of-the art health crisis response portal for;collaboration between key governmental and private sector entities and health;information exchange. While governmental requirements in the RFP were not;detailed, XYZ?s proposal emphasized an iterative approach to defining;requirements ahead of a crisis and the ability to adapt quickly to refine;requirements based on the type and extent of crisis. Other Key;Information: The project team will be responsible for refining the;specifications proposed in the RFP response by XYZ according to the approvals;of the client. The government?s RFP indicated that Agile methodology approaches;involving Scrum and XL were welcomed, and XYZ went with that option in its;proposal. The Health Crisis Prevention and Response Management Service/Product;Delivery Division has requested the Agile Methodology. The timeline of the;project is 1.5 years but some initial portal capabilities are due within 4;months of contract begin with add-on refinements as needed to be regularly;added until completion.;4.;Internal/External: External project for the Emergency Management Service/Product;Delivery Division. Project Title: Hurricane Emergency;Management Control Center. Brief Description: XYZ has;contracted with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide;expedited delivery of emergency management control services to south Florida in;the immediate aftermath of the widespread destruction of Miami during Hurricane;Beth in September 2012. Services include putting in place a web portal;intranets, information exchange, and facilitation of collaboration among key;stakeholders. Other Key Information: While initial plans call;for an immediate project start and expedited service delivery, project plans;call for an extended planning phase starting after three months, followed by;further requirements elicitation and scope increases according to the results;of initial deployment and the follow-on planning phase of 6 months. The;Emergency Management Service/Product Delivery Division has requested that the;PMO determine the best suited project management methodology.


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