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IFSM 300 confernce 4




Question;Relying on your reading;assignments in Baltzan, Chapter 5 and outside research, hold a discussion on;the topic I have raised below. Respond to the discussion question below and;provide at least two or three critical comments to the responses of your;classmates in this conference.;To participate and;contribute in this conference, CREATE a New Topic, modifying the subject line;of your response to the name of your organization. Responses are expected to be;at least 400 words in length, critical comments are expected to be at least 100;words in length.;PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to click on New Topic to post your initial;response and change the title to reflect the challenges discussed in your;response. DO NOT respond to this Conference Instructions topic.;Discussion Question;In the Digital Firm;conference, you have identified an international or global business;organization from the Fortune 100 list which utilized information systems to transform;the business.;In this conference;identify how the organization addresses the sustainability challenges addressed;in the chapter.


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