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PROJ-586 Project Management Systems - All 8 Weeks




Question;Week, TCOs, and TopicsReadings and Class PreparationActivities and AssignmentsWeek 1TCOs A, BProject Management Overview and Project InitiationChapter 1: Project Management ConceptsChapter 2: Identifying and Selecting ProjectsChapter 3: Developing Project ProposalsCourse Project Week 1 (Not Graded)Graded Discussion TopicsWeek 2TCOs B, GPlanning the Project: Scope and ResponsibilitiesChapter 4: Defining Scope, Quality, Responsibility, and Activity SequenceReview:Project CharterScope Statement SamplesCourse ProjectQuizGraded Discussion TopicsWeek 3TCOs C, GPlanning the Project: Schedule and ResourcesChapter 5: Developing the ScheduleChapter 6: Resource UtilizationCourse ProjectHomework - AIB ProblemsGraded Discussion TopicsWeek 4TCOs F, GPlanning and Monitoring the Project: Costs, Budget, and Earned ValueChapter 7: Determining Costs, Budget, and Earned ValueAppendix ACourse ProjectHomework - Earned Value ProblemsGraded Discussion TopicsWeek 5TCO D, FProject Risk, Communication, and DocumentationChapter 8: Managing RiskChapter 12: Project Communication and DocumentationCourse ProjectGraded Discussion TopicsWeek 6TCOs A, HProject Close and Organizational StructuresChapter 9: Closing the ProjectChapter13: Project Management Organizational StructuresCourse ProjectGraded Discussion TopicsWeek 7TCO EPeople: The Project Manager and The Project TeamChapter 10: The Project ManagerChapter 11: The Project TeamGraded Discussion TopicsWeek 8All TCOsFinal Exam


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