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1.;What is the significance of applications and app;stores to the success or failure of mobile computing?4. Which company and business model do you think will;prevail in this epic struggle? Explain your answer.="msonormal">="msolistparagraph">5. What difference would it make to you as a manager or;individual consumer if Apple, Google, or Microsoft dominated the Internet;experience?Review;Question 1- How do the internet and internet technology;work and how do they support communication and e-business? ?;Define the internet describe how it work and;explain how it provides business value.?;Explain how the Domain name system (DNS) and IP;addressing system work.?;List and describe the principal internet;services.?;Define and descried VoIP and virtual private;networks and explain how they provide value to businesses.?;List and describe alternative ways of locating;information on the Web.?;Compare Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.2- What are the principal technologies and;standards for wireless networking communications and internet access? ?;Define Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,WiMax, and 3G and 4G network.?;Describe the capabilities of each and for which;types of applications each is best suited.3- Why are;RFID, and wireless sensor networks (WSNs) valuable for business? ?;Define RFID, explain how it works, and describe;how it provides value to businesses.;?;Define (WSNs), explain how they work and;describe the kinds of applications that use them.="msonormal">="msonormal">="msolistparagraph">="msonormal">="msolistparagraph">="msonormal">="msolistparagraph">


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