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Discussion?Emerging IT Trends




Question;Discussion;Emerging IT Trends;Information technology evolves rapidly and;businesses must stay abreast of that evolution in order to remain competitive;in today?s market.;Using the Argosy;University online library resources and the Internet, research emerging IT;trends. Use your research and what you have learned in this course over the;past five modules to develop your responses to this discussion.;Respond to the;following;?;Which emerging IT trend is currently impacting your;business or could impact your business in the future?;?;Should your organization respond by being an early;adopter or wait to see what transpires?;?;What are the risks involved?;?;What might be other considerations regarding this;technology trend?;Give reasons and;examples in support of your responses.;Write;your initial response in approximately 200 words. Apply APA standards to;citation of sources.


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