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Question;Instructions;Use the Case;Study presented here to answer the questions below. Your responses should demonstrate your;understanding of the course content and your analysis and critical thinking;you are not expected to just re-iterate what is in the textbook and the course;modules, but to integrate the information and relate it to the Case Study. Answers will be in the form of a list or short;answers, as indicated in the questions. Proper;APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use. Your Exam will be graded on the accuracy of;your responses and whether you have appropriately tied your response to the;Case Study. Responses that do not;mention the Case Study will receive very few points, if any. Each question is worth 10 points.;Case Study;You have been;working for some time at UMUC Pizza, a pizza restaurant located near the UMUC;campus. The owner, Bill, is very;interested in expanding his successful business. He has just bought Priority Pizza, a pizza shop;in a good location across town, and has hired a store manager. He has decided to name the new business (at;both locations) UMUC Pizza. Bill?s;research shows that there are many other local stores that sell pizza: outlets for major pizza chains in malls and;other locations, small outlets and specialty shops, and larger;restaurants. While Bill has been keeping;all his records of orders, sales and inventory on paper, the records at Priority;Pizza are located on the manager?s PC in Excel files. Bill realizes that he must treat the two;stores as a single business, with one set of accounts, one billing system;etc. He thinks this is also a good time;to stop using paper records for his orders, sales and inventory. Bill really hopes to continue to expand his;business by buying other pizza outlets, but he will need good information about;his current businesses to know when he should make his next acquisition. He has asked you to help him develop the;business strategy and IT Plan to accomplish his goals. You know that there are methodologies for;analyzing the business environment and that there are multiple ways to expand;the business. You also recognize that IT;is an important component for achieving Bill?s goals.;1.;Explain;Porter?s Five Forces Model and how Bill can use it to analyze his current;business and his expansion. Be sure to;address each of the 5 forces and explain to Bill what they mean for his UMUC;Pizza business.;2.;Based;on your analysis in question #1, select one of the five forces and explain how Bill;can incorporate his analysis of that force into his Strategic Business Plan;(SBP).;3.;List;three business areas and/or processes used in the UMUC Pizza shops that could;be supported by an IT solution.;a.;b.;c.;4.;List;and describe (in two or three sentences each) three IT projects that should be;a part of Bill?s IT Plan ? one project to support each area and/or process;identified in question #3 above.;a.;b.;c.;5.;Explain;how each IT project listed above specifically improves and/or supports Bill?s UMUC;Pizza business.;a.;b.;c.;6.;If Bill decides to enter the world of;eCommerce, which of the eCommerce models (business-to-business;customer-to-business, business-to-customer, or customer-to-customer) would you;recommend to him as a best fit for his business and how would it benefit his;business?;7.;Describe;for Bill what a Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution would look like for his;UMUC Pizza business and how his business could benefit from implementing an SCM;solution.;8.;Describe;for Bill what an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution would look like;for his UMUC Pizza business and how his business could benefit from;implementing an ERP solution.;9.;What;benefits would Bill get for his business from implementing a relational;database? Your response must be tied;directly to Bill?s pizza stores.;10. Make a list of five ways that Bill;could protect the data and systems that he is going to put in place. Consider the type of data and systems that;would be relevant to Bill?s pizza stores.;a.;b.;c.;d.;e.;TOTAL POINTS, based on;10 points per question;100 points = 15% of;final class grade;POINTS RECORDED (Total;Points x.15)


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