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Question;Writing EASSY? Perfectly Done1) Describe at leasttwo benefits ofusing enterprise systems2) What are the business advantages of using voice over I P (Vol P) technology?3) Describe the use of personalization and customization in e-commerce.What business value do these techniques have?4) Describe MIS and DSS and differentiate between them.Written Examination Instructions Each Unit examination includes a written component.This assignment may bein the form of written examination questions,case studyproblems,or other types of questions that require problem-solvingsolutions.Thewrittenassignment affordsthestudentan opportunitytodemonstrate alevel of subjectmasterybeyond theobjectiveUnitExaminations,which reflects his/her abilityto analyze,synthesize,evaluate and apply his/her knowledge. The comprehensive WrittenExamination materials are foundimmediatelyfollowing eachUnitExamination.? Always include your name,student number andcoursenumber and titleon eachpageof yourWrittenExamination (this is foryour protection incase your materials become separated).? Begin each WrittenExamination by identifying the question number you are answering followed by the actual question itself (in bold type).? Use a standard essay format for response toall questions(i.e. four to five paragraphswith three to five sentencesper paragraph,includinganintroduction,middle paragraphs,and conclusion).? All responsesmust be typed double-spaced,using astandard font and 12 point type size for easeofreadingand grading.? All online responses must be submitted as aMS WordDocument file only.??? Responses should be nofewer than 750words and nomorthan1,000 words inlength.? Always read your answers and prooffor content,misspellings,andgrammar.? Carefully read and analyze each question. You mightconsiderstartingwith questions you feelmostcomfortableanswering.This will help you buildconfidence asyou develop your answers.xiWritten Examination Instructions Outline youransweras thiswillhelp you organize your thoughtsand provide a framework for youressay response.KeyPointAllwork must be freeofany form of plagiarism.Put answers intoyour own words.Do not simply cutand pasteyour answers from the Internet or Wikipedia and do not copy youranswers from the textbook.Plagiarism consists of taking and usingthe ideas, writings, orInventions ofanotl-er.without giving creditto that person and presentingIt as one's own.Thisis an offensethat the University takes very seriously (seepage 18 ofthestudent handbook).Anexampleof a correctly prepared essayresponse maybe found byvisitingthe StudentWeb Portal viaCoastConnection.Completion of theWrittenExaminations allowsyou an opportunity to demonstrate a morethoroughand comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Takeyour time. Be asthoroughand completeas possible. ItIS ourhopeyou find these examinations to be a stimulating and challenging addition to your learning.


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