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Question;Let's use the example of payroll;information and how it is viewed within an organization. The data are captured;at the operational level from time cards or other source information, resulting;in a paycheck for each employee. The typical paycheck stub includes;Directions: Test your knowledge of this topic by selecting the best;answer for each of the following questions. Important note: The example;within the module is for a different scenario, therefore, the information needs;of the organizational levels may be different than required for this example.;When you click the Submit button, you will see your score and the results will;go to your instructor.;Given the data captured as indicated;above, select which management level would be primarily interested in the;following information regarding payroll.;Weekly overtime totalsa.;senior/executive level;b.;midlevel management;c.;operational management;Total insurance premiums compared with previous yeara.;senior/executive level;b.;midlevel management;c.;operational management;Average salary for information technology professionals;compared with that offered by competing employersa.;senior/executive level;b.;midlevel management;c.;operational management;Total federal income withholding taxes for the second;quarter of the yeara.;senior/executive level;b.;midlevel management;c.;operational management;Hours worked by employees for the current pay perioda.;senior/executive level;b.;midlevel management;c.;operational management


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