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XBIS/220 Introduction to Computer Application and Systems (UOP) all discussions




Question;XBIS/220 Introduction to Computer Application and Systems;(UOP) all discussionsWeek 1 dq1;Please;post a 150-300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking;on Reply.;What;are some of the ethical challenges surrounding the movie and music industries;as they relate to the Internet? How has education affected your views about the;practice of downloading or copying multimedia content in these fields?Week 1 - DQ 2;Please;post a 150-300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking;on Reply.;What;collaboration tools have you used in your work environment or personal life?;How have these information systems benefited you?Week 3 - DQ 1;What are some ways;databases are used in the work environment? What are some ways database use;could be improved in the workplace?;Week 3 - DQ 2;What are some of the types of electronic commerce? How they are;used today?Week 5 - DQ 1;How has wireless media affected telecommunication? What are some;of the challenges to developing a system of communications based on wireless;media?Week 5 - DQ 2;What are some capabilities of Microsoft? Excel? discussed in this;week?s readings you were unaware of before? How might you use them in a;professional capacity in the future?;Week 7 - DQ 1;Why is the systems development life cycle important?;Week 7 - DQ 2;The readings for this week mention six stages of the systems;development life cycle. There are other models, however, that contain more than;these six stages. Research some of these other models. What are their;similarities and differences?Week 9 - DQ Capstone;Whatdo you;predict will be the most influential emerging technology for business over the;next five years? Why do you think this?


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