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Select 3 (Walmart, Costco, Dollar General) of your...




Select 3 (Walmart, Costco, Dollar General) of your target company?s(Target) competitors from the Value Line Industry list and use an average of their (PPS/FCFPS) ratios to estimate your target company?s PPS. Use TTM data for your ratios. Explain and illustrate how you would estimate your target company?s PPS using the average ratio from the 3 competitors and your target firm?s most recent TTM FCFPS. Illustrate how the 3 competitors compare to your target company in terms of size (e.g. total assets, sales, market cap), past and future growth (e.g. past 5 years and next 5 years) and market risk. Based on this comparison, decide the appropriate weights to attach to each of the 3 competitors? ratios. The idea here is to assign more weight to those competitors who are more similar to your firm. In other words, make a reasoned recommendation as to what you think is the best representative ratio to use and defend your recommendation. Apply your recommended ratio to your firm?s denominator measure (TTM) to estimate your firm?s PPS. Compare the latter estimate with the actual closing PPS on the first trading day after the latest quarterly income statement was filed with the SEC,I need excel spreadsheet for showing my work, and graphs. two pages essay, one page spreadsheet, and one page graph. Can you do it for me?,PPS is Price Per Share and FCGPS is Free Cash Flow Per Share,Please answer me as soon as possible. I should know you can do or not because if you cannot do it, I have to start to work this first. Please answer me what you can do.,Excuse me. I am so sorry to bother you but I really need to know. I should get this assignment till 9 o'clock. Can you to it for me?,I am sorry to bother you again. I am confused because I think you are in different area from me. I need to get my assignment till 9, but it is 9:42 now. So, please answer me as soon as possible what I should to do. Thanks.,Dear. Rachel. This is a third e-mail about my writing assignment. I have waited for 2 hours. I am working on other assignment, but if you cannot do it, I have to start it because due time is passed. Please answer me. It is really important for me.


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