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INF220: IS Principles ashford university week 1




Question;Discussions;To participate in the following Discussion Forums, go to this week's Discussion link in the left navigation;Information Systems and Globalization;How are information systems transforming business and what is;their relationship to globalization? Give examples to illustrate your;answer. Respond to at least two of your classmates? postings.;Organizational Performance;How do enterprise applications, collaboration and communication;systems, and intranets improve organizational performance? Give examples;to illustrate your answer. Respond to at least two of your classmates?;postings.;Assignments;To complete this assignment, go to this week's Assignment link in the left navigation;UPS and the Utility of Information Systems;After reading chapter one, watch the video: (Real Media Player can be downloaded for free at;and read the additional write-up on page 16 of your text. Answer the;questions listed below using APA format. Be sure to integrate vocabulary;from the text to demonstrate your understanding of concepts. The paper;should not exceed 2 double-spaced pages (excluding title page).;United Parcel Service's operations are driven by its information;systems technology. Beginning as a local delivery service in 1907, UPS;expanded on the West coast initially, reached New York in the 1930s, and;went international in the 1970s. Today, UPS delivers over 14 million;packages daily to 200 countries and territories. A $1.5 billion;technology investment in the 1980s buoyed the growth of UPS. The;investment enabled the development of the International Shipments;Processing System (ISPS), which is the key to the company's overseas;operations. The technology infrastructure enables UPS to offer its;customers services in addition to the basic shipment of packages. UPS;drivers play an important role in the company's services by capturing;information at the endpoints of each delivery segment. Volume, cultural;differences, and hardware readiness all impact the development and;continued growth of UPS.;What external factors affect international operations at UPS?;How do these factors cause UPS to adjust its operations?;What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS? tracking system.;What technologies are used by UPS? How are these technologies related to UPS? business model and business objectives?;What problems do UPS?s information systems solve?


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