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Question;Prepare a monthly cash budget for January;February, and March.;The expected;sales are;January;$60,000;February;$55,000;March;$65,000;April;$70,000;The?rm expects to collect 10 percent of;sales in cash, 60 percent in one month, and 25 percent in two months with 5;percent in uncollectible bad debts. Sales for the previous November and December;were $55,000 and $80,000, respectively.;The?rm buys raw materials thirty days;prior to expected sales, that is, the materials for January are bought by the;beginning of December with payment made by the end of December. Materials costs;are 58 percent of sales.;Wages for the months of January, February;and March are expected to be $6,000 per month. Other monthly expenses amount to;$5,000 a month and are paid in cash each month. Taxes due for an earlier;quarter are paid in the second month of the succeeding quarter. The taxes due;for the prior quarter were $9,000.;The?rm plans to buy a new car in January;for $18,000. An old vehicle will be sold for a net amount of $2,000. A note of;$10,000 will be due for payment in February. A quarterly loan installment;payment of $7,500 is due in March.;The beginning cash balance in January is;$8,000. The company policy is to maintain a minimum cash balance of $5,000. It;has an outstanding loan balance of $10,000 in December. Should the?rm need to;borrow to meet expected monthly shortfalls, the interest cost is 1.5 percent;per month and is paid each month on the total amount of borrowed funds;outstanding at the end of the previous month.


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