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Pr 1- 2 B Financial Statement_ St Simon Travel Service




Question;Pr 1- 2 B Financial Statement_ St Simon;Travel Service;The amounts of the assets and Liabilities;of St Simon Travel Service are listed as of June 30, 2012, the end of the;current year, and its revenues and expenses for the year are listed below. The;capital of Gwen Perez, owner, was $ 150,000 at July 1, 2011, the beginning of;the current year, and the owner withdrew;$ 30,000 during the current year.;Account payable $ 25,000 Supplies;$ 12,000;Accounts receivable $ 90000 Supllies expense $ 10,000;Cash $;123000 Taxes expenses 8000;Fees earned $ 500,000 Utilites expenses $ 36,000;Miscellaneous expenses $ 11,000 Wages expenses $ 280,000;Rent expense $ 75,000;Then instructions 1 to 4, that is;readable.;1.;Prepare an income statement for;the current year ended June 30, 2012;2.;Prepare a statement of owner?s;equity for the current year ended june;30, 2012.;3.;Prepare a balance sheet as of;June 30, 2012;4.;What item appears on both the;income statement and statement of owner?s equity?


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