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Question;We;Bake Perfect Pies Company makes fruit pies using a;process cost system. The dough is made;in the mixing department and then moves to the rolling department where crusts;are rolled and placed into baking pans.;The pans move into the filling department where fruit is placed into the;crusts. The pies then move to the baking;department. Once the pies have been;baked, they move to packaging they are boxed and then sent to Finished Goods. During the month of October the company had;sales of $83,000. Each pie sells for;$10.;Using the following information, determine;the Gross Profit for the Month of October.;Mixing Department: Beginning Balance 0;Ending;inventory 1000 pies at 40% completion;DM;used: $1000;DL;used: $800;FOH;allocated: $1200;Rolling Department: Beginning Balance 1600 pies that were 70%;completed with costs of $600;Pies;started: 9000;Pies;transferred to Filling Department: 8100;Ending;Inventory was 10% completed;DL;used: $2338;FOH;allocated: $2000;Filling Department: Beginning;Balance 3000 pies that were 20% completed with costs of $7500;Ending;inventory was 75% completed;DM;used: $16200;DL;used: $3800;FOH;allocated: $1975;Baking Department: Beginning Balance 0;Pies;Transferred into department 7600;FOH;allocated: $14160;Ending;inventory: 1300 pies at 60% completion;Packaging Department: Beginning Balance: 2100 pies at 20% completion;with costs of $12,600;Ending;Inventory was 2000 pies at 90% completed;DM;used: $7875;DL;used: $1945;FOH;allocated: $3890;Finished Goods Department: Beginning Balance: 2600 pies with costs of;$15626


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