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TCO B)_Walmart, Inc_income statement




Question;TCO B) The following;selected data was retrieved from the Walmart, Inc. financial statements for the;year ending January 31, 2013;Accounts Payable $38,080;Accounts Receivable 6,768;Cash 7,781;Common Stock 3,952;Cost of Goods Sold 352,488;Income Tax Expense 7,981;Interest Expenses 2,064;Membership Revenues 3,048;Net Sales 466,114;Operating, Selling and Administrative Expenses 88,873;Retained Earnings 72,978;Required;Using;the information provided above;1.;Prepare a multiple-step income statement;2.;Calculate the Profit Margin, and Gross profit rate for the company. Be sure to;provide the formula you are using, show your calculations, and discuss your;findings/results.


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