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Ex_5_13 & Ex_5_18_ Cash and Bank reco




Question;Exercise;5-13;1. The;actual cash received from cash sales was $14,356, and the amount indicated by;the cash register total was $14,290.;a. What is the amount deposited in the bank;for the day's sales?;b. What is amount recorded for the day's;sales?;c. How should the difference be recorded?;d. If a cashier is consistently over or;short, what action should be taken?;Exercise;5-18;Bank;reconciliation;? Adjusted balance: $24,500;The;following data were accumulated for use in reconciling the bank account of Camela;Co. for July;a. Cash balance according to the company's;records at July 31, $24,010.;b. Cash balance according to the bank;statement at July 31, $22,750.;c. Checks outstanding, $7,350.;d. Deposit in transit, not recorded by;bank, $9,100.;e. A check for $170 in payment of an;account was erroneously recorded in the check register as $710.;f. Bank debit memo for service charges;$50.


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