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MARINER DESIGNS, INC._ horizontal analysis




Question;Performing horizontal analysis-income statement;Data for Mariner Designs, Inc. follow;MARINER DESIGNS, INC.;Comparative Income Statement;Years Ended December 31, 2015 and 2014;2015 2014;Net Sales Revenue $ 431,000 $ 372,350;Expenses;Cost of Goods Sold 200,000 187,550;Selling and Administrative Expenses 99,000 91,050;Other Expenses 8,350;6,850;Total Expenses 307,350;285,450;Net Income $123,650;$ 86,900;Requirements;1. Prepare a horizontal analysis of the comparative income;statement of Mariner Designs, lnc (Round percentage changes to one decimal;place.);2. Why did 2015 net income increase by a higher percentage;than net sales revenue.


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