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Problem 15 Rectification of errors




Question;Problem 15 10 points;An inexperienced accountant;made the following entries. In each;case, the date and the explanation to the entry is correct.;Dec. 17 Cash 2,940;Sales Discount 60;Accounts Receivable 3,000;Dec 20;Cash;20,450;Notes Receivable;20,000;Interest Revenue;450;(Collection of $20,000, 9%;90 day note dated Sept. 21.;Interest had been accrued;through Nov. 30);Dec 27;Cash;1,000;Bad Debts Expense;1,000;(Collection of account;previously written off as uncollectible;under the allowance method);Dec 31;Bad Debts Expense 1,600;Allowance for Doubtful;Accounts 1,600;(To recognize estimated bad;debts based on 2% of net sales of $800,000.);INSTRUCTIONS;Prepare the correcting;entries or make the entries like it should have been originally made.


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