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Debit Company ? Financial statements




Question;1) The adjusted trial balance of Debit Company is shown;below;Debit Company;Adjusted Trial Balance;December 31, 2012;Cash $6,500;Accounts receivable 8,000;Supplies 1,000;Prepaid Rent (3;months) 2,500;Equipment, net 42,000;Accounts payable $4,000;Salary payable 2,000;Unearned revenue (2;month advance) 2,000;Note payable ? long;term 14,000;Common stock 10,000;Retained earnings 14,700;Dividends 4,000;Service revenue 75,000;Salary expense 40,000;Rent expense 10,000;Supplies expense 1,500;Depreciation expense 5,000;Utilities;expense;1,200;Total $121,700 $121,700;Prepare Debit Company's income statement, statement of;retained earnings and balance sheet for the year ended December 31, 2012. (10;points each, total 30 points)


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