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Blue Bill Corporation _Cash Budget




Question;Blue Bill Corporation _Cash Budget;Sales;for Blue Bill Corporation are projected as follows for the months of June;through November;June;$2,00,000;July;2,00,000;August;2,00,000;September;3,00,000;October;5,00,000;November;2,00,000;Credit;sales account for 70% of the monthy sales and are collected one month after;the sale.;Other;receipts for October are $50,000.;Variable;disbursements are 60% of sales each month.;Fixed;disbursements are $10,000 each month.;$80,000;should be included in August for taxes.;The;company is obligated to make a $400,000 debt repayment in November.;Beginning;cash in June is $50,000.;Desired;ending cash each month is $10,000.;Complete;the monthly cash budget for Blue Bill Corporation for June through November.


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