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ACC 230 Week 4 Assignment and CheckPoint




Question;1.;CheckPoint:Analyzing an Income;Statement;?;Resource: Ch. 3 of Understanding;Financial Statements;?;Complete Problem 3.16b on p.;111 (Ch.;3).;?;Analyze the income statement;of Eastman Kodak, located at;Select Chapter 1 from the top menu;then select Internet Links in the;left-hand menu to access the income statement.;?;Write a 200- to 300-word;response to the problem. In addition, include your analysis of indicators such;as earnings per share, operating income, and comprehensive income.;2.;Assignment:Web Sites Search;?;Resource: Ch. 3 of Understanding;Financial Statements;?;Research Web sites that;contain examples of stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits. Yahoo!;Finance at is a helpful starting point for locating;these Web sites.;?;Write a 750- to 1,050-word;paper based on your findings. Include the following in your paper;o;A;description of the Web site examples you found, including the location, or URL;of the Web sites;o;Definitions;of stock dividends, stock splits, reverse splits, and effects on per-share;calculations;o;An;analysis of the reasons for stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits;o;An;explanation of how stock dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits affect the;firm and the investor;?;Format your paper according;to APA standards.


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