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ACC 230 Week 8 Assignment and CheckPoints




Question;1.;CheckPoint:Analyzing Financial;Data;?;Resource:Ch. 6 of Understanding Financial Statements;?;Complete Problem 6.6 on p.;232 (Ch.;6).;?;Submit your answers to;questions A and B.;2.;CheckPoint:Interpreting;Financial Ratios;?;Resource:Ch. 6 of Understanding Financial Statements;?;Complete Problem 6.2 on p.;230 (Ch.;6).;?;Submit your answer in 200;to 300 words.;3.;Assignment:Presenting to Stakeholders;?;Resource:pp. 192-193 (Ch. 6);of Understanding Financial Statements;?;Read the scenario in;Problem 6.9 on p. 234 (Ch. 6).;?;Compose a 350- to 500-word;response that includes a paragraph about the main ideas of the annual report;and an explanation of how you might present these ideas to stakeholders.;?;Refer to the questions in;the Objectives of Analysis section on pp. 192-193 (Ch. 6) for guidance on;tailoring ideas to present to stakeholders.


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