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ACC 2071 - 20 ratios calculated using the Coca Cola Company?s 2013 financial summary




Question;Guy;Crawford;ACC;2071;Extra;Credit;I;need the following 20 ratios calculated using the information provided on the;Coca Cola Company?s 2013 financial summary. If any financial information is;missing it can be found on the company?s website.;;Ratio Computation;Working Capital;current assets - current liabilities;Current Ratio;Total current assets / Total current liabilities;Cash Ratio;Cash + Cash equivalents / Total Current Liabilities;Acid -Test Ratio Cash + Short-term investments +;Net current receivables / Total current liabilities;Inventory turnover Costs of goods sold;/ Average merchandise inventory;Days? sales in inventory 365;days / inventory turnover;Gross profit percentage Gross profit / Net sales;revenue;Accounts receivable turnover ratio Net credit sales /;Average net accounts receivable;Days? sales in receivables 365 days /;Accounts receivable turnover ratio;Debt ratio;Total liabilities / Total assets;Debt to equity ratio;Total liabilities / Total equity;Times-interest-earned ratio Net income + income tax expense +;interest expense / interest expense;Profit margin ratio;Net income / Net sales;Rate of return on total assets Net income + interest expense;/ Average total assets;Asset turnover ratio Net;sales / Average total assets;Rate of return on common Net income ? Preferred dividends /;Average common stockholders? equity;Stockholders? equity;Earnings per share Net income ? Preferred dividends / weighted;average number of common shares outstanding;Price / earnings ratio Market price per share of;common stock / Earnings per share;Dividend yield Annual dividend;per share / Market price per share;Dividend payout Annual;dividends per share / Earnings per share;THE;COCA-COLA COMPANY AND SUBSIDIARIES;CONSOLIDATED;STATEMENTS OF INCOME;Year;Ended December 31,2013;(In millions except per share data);NET OPERATING REVENUES $;46,854;Cost of goods sold18,421;GROSS PROFIT 28,43328,964 28,327;Selling, general and administrative;expenses17,310;Other operating charges895;OPERATING INCOME 10,228;Interest income534;Interest expense463;Equity income (loss) ? net602;Other income (loss) ? net576;INCOME BEFORE INCOME TAXES;11,477;Income taxes2,851;CONSOLIDATED NET INCOME 8,626;Less: Net income attributable to noncontrolling;interests42;NET INCOME ATTRIBUTABLE TO;SHAREOWNERS OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY $ 8,584;BASIC NET INCOME PER SHARE1 $;1.94;DILUTED NET INCOME PER SHARE1;$ 1.90;AVERAGE SHARES OUTSTANDING;4,434;Effect of dilutive securities75;AVERAGE SHARES OUTSTANDING;ASSUMING DILUTION 4,509;1 Calculated based on net income;attributable to shareowners of The Coca-Cola Company.;Refer to Notes to Consolidated Financial;Statements.;THE COCA-COLA COMPANY AND;SUBSIDIARIES;CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF;COMPREHENSIVE INCOME;Year Ended December 31,2013;(In millions);CONSOLIDATED NET INCOME $;8,626;Other comprehensive income;Net foreign currency translation;adjustment(1,187);Net gain (loss) on derivatives151;Net unrealized gain (loss) on;available-for-sale securities(80);Net change in pension and other benefit;liabilities1,066;TOTAL COMPREHENSIVE INCOME;8,576;Less: Comprehensive income (loss);attributable to noncontrolling interests39;TOTAL COMPREHENSIVE INCOME;ATTRIBUTABLE TO SHAREOWNERS OF;THE COCA-COLA COMPANY $ 8,537;Refer to Notes to Consolidated Financial;Statements.;THE COCA-COLA COMPANY AND;SUBSIDIARIES;CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS;December 31,2013;(In millions except par value);ASSETS;CURRENT ASSETS;Cash and cash equivalents$ 10,414;Short-term investments6,707;TOTAL CASH, CASH EQUIVALENTS AND;SHORT-TERM INVESTMENTS17,12113,459;Marketable securities3,147;Trade accounts receivable, less;allowances of $61 and $53, respectively4,873;Inventories3,277;Prepaid expenses and other assets2,886;Assets held for sale?2,973;TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS31,304;EQUITY METHOD INVESTMENTS10,393;OTHER INVESTMENTS, PRINCIPALLY BOTTLING;COMPANIES1,119;OTHER ASSETS4,661;PROPERTY, PLANT AND EQUIPMENT ? net14,967;TRADEMARKS WITH INDEFINITE LIVES6,744;BOTTLERS? FRANCHISE RIGHTS WITH;INDEFINITE LIVES7,415;GOODWILL12,312;OTHER INTANGIBLE ASSETS1,140;TOTAL ASSETS$ 90,055;LIABILITIES AND EQUITY;CURRENT LIABILITIES;Accounts payable and accrued expenses$ 9,577;Loans and notes payable16,901;Current maturities of long-term debt1,024;Accrued income taxes309;Liabilities held for sale?796;TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES27,811;LONG-TERM DEBT19,154;OTHER LIABILITIES3,498;DEFERRED INCOME TAXES6,152;THE COCA-COLA COMPANY SHAREOWNERS? EQUITY;Common stock, $0.25 par value, Authorized;? 11,200 shares;Issued ? 7,040 and 7,040 shares;respectively1,760;Capital surplus12,276;Reinvested earnings61,660;Accumulated other comprehensive income;(loss)(3,432);Treasury stock, at cost ? 2,638 and 2,571;shares, respectively(39,091)(35,009);EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO SHAREOWNERS OF THE;COCA-COLA COMPANY33,17332,790;EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO NONCONTROLLING;INTERESTS267378;TOTAL EQUITY33,44033,168;TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY$ 90,055$ 86,174;Refer to Notes to Consolidated Financial;Statements.;76;THE COCA-COLA COMPANY AND;SUBSIDIARIES;CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF;CASH FLOWS;Year Ended December 31,2013;(In millions);OPERATING ACTIVITIES;Consolidated net income$ 8,626;Depreciation and amortization1,977;Stock-based compensation expense227;Deferred income taxes648;Equity (income) loss ? net of dividends(201);Foreign currency adjustments168;Significant (gains) losses on sales of;assets ? net(670);Other operating charges465;Other items234;Net change in operating assets and;liabilities(932);Net cash provided by operating activities;10,542;INVESTING ACTIVITIES;Purchases of investments(14,782);Proceeds from disposals of investments12,791;Acquisitions of businesses, equity method;investments and nonmarketable securities(353);Proceeds from disposals of businesses;equity method investments and nonmarketable securities872;Purchases of property, plant and;equipment(2,550);Proceeds from disposals of property;plant and equipment111;Other investing activities(303);Net cash provided by (used in) investing;activities(4,214);FINANCING ACTIVITIES;Issuances of debt43,425;Payments of debt(38,714);Issuances of stock1,328;Purchases of stock for treasury(4,832);Dividends(4,969);Other financing activities17;Net cash provided by (used in) financing;activities(3,745);EFFECT OF EXCHANGE RATE;CHANGES ON CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS (611);CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS;Net increase (decrease) during the year1,972;Balance at beginning of year8,442;Balance at end of year$ 10,414;Refer to Notes to Consolidated Financial;Statements.;THE COCA-COLA COMPANY AND;SUBSIDIARIES;CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF;SHAREOWNERS? EQUITY;Year Ended December 31,2013;(In millions except per share data);EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO;SHAREOWNERS OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY;NUMBER OF COMMON SHARES;OUTSTANDING;Balance at beginning of year4,469;Purchases of treasury stock(121);Treasury stock issued to employees;related to stock compensation plans54;Balance at end of year4,402;COMMON STOCK $ 1,760;CAPITAL SURPLUS;Balance at beginning of year11,379;Stock issued to employees related to;stock compensation plans569;Tax benefit (charge) from stock;compensation plans144;Stock-based compensation227;Other activities(43);Balance at end of year12,276;REINVESTED EARNINGS;Balance at beginning of year58,045;Net income attributable to shareowners of;The Coca-Cola Company8,584;Dividends (per share ? $1.12, $1.02 and;$0.94 in 2013, 2012 and 2011, respectively)(4,969);Balance at end of year61,660;ACCUMULATED OTHER;COMPREHENSIVE INCOME (LOSS);Balance at beginning of year(3,385);Net other comprehensive income (loss)(47);Balance at end of year(3,432);TREASURY STOCK;Balance at beginning of year(35,009);Stock issued to employees related to;stock compensation plans745;Purchases of treasury stock(4,827);Balance at end of year(39,091);TOTAL EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO;SHAREOWNERS OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY $ 33,173;EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO;NONCONTROLLING INTERESTS;Balance at beginning of year$ 378;Net income attributable to noncontrolling;interests42;Net foreign currency translation adjustment;(3);Dividends paid to noncontrolling;interests(58);Acquisition of interests held by;noncontrolling owners(34);Contributions by noncontrolling interests;6;Business combinations25;Deconsolidation of certain entities(89);TOTAL EQUITY ATTRIBUTABLE TO;NONCONTROLLING INTERESTS $ 267;Refer to Notes to;Consolidated Financial Statements


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