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The Wine Depot is contemplating several alternative means of financing their annual acquisition of $75,000




Question;Wine;Depot;Cash Budget;2010;2011;2012;2013;Operating activities;Operating cash receipts;Product sales revenue;Collections in the year of sale;Collections in the year following sale;Operating cash receipts;Operating cash payments;Purchases;Cost of expected sales;Required ending inventory;Beginning inventory;Purchases;Payments in the year of purchase;Payments in the year following purchase;Cash payments for purchases;Expenses;Advertising expense;Marketing expense;Interest expense;Salaries expense;Wages expense;Supplies expense;Utilities expense;Expenses;Operating cash payments;Cash from (to) operating activities;Investing activities;Facility purchases;Equipment sales;Cash from (to) investing activities;Financing activities;Loan proceeds;Loan payments;Cash from (to) financing activities;Change in cash;Beginning cash;Ending cash;Assumptions


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