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Organizational Behavior questions-Tuckman?s five-stage model proposes that during the




Question;Organizational Behavior questions1. Tuckman?s five-stage model proposes that during the;stage, the group disbands after having;accomplished its goals.;a. norming;b. adjourning;c. forming;d. storming;2. Assigning different group members different tasks to;accomplish is also known as ________.;a. division of labor;b. task division;c. group split;d. sharing of work;3. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a small;group?;a. Division of labor expedites tasks.;b. Interactions are more frequent.;c. Information is easier to share.;d. Individual contributions are easier to recognize.;4. Which of the following is LEAST LIKELY to increase as;more members join a work group?;a. the number of communication problems;b. the potential for conflict;c. the number of coordination problems;d. the level of motivation;5. The New Product Research Team at Teaching Tools Co. is a;small group comprised of women in their;mid-thirties who graduated at the top of their classes at;major state universities in the Midwest and;received their MBAs at prestigious schools before they;joined Teaching Tools. These women have;serious family commitments and at least one child. Which of;the following characteristics would you be;MOST LIKELY to find in this group?;a. intense infighting;b. diversity of viewpoint;c. good information sharing;d. problems with coordination;6. In the workplace, members of a ________ group do not have;many characteristics in common.;a. homogeneous;b. homeopathic;c. heterogeneous;d. heteronymous;7. According to Thompson?s model of group tasks, task;is the extent to which the work;performed by one member affects what other group members do.;a. significance;b. relevance;c. independence;d. interdependence;8. If a group task involves ________ task interdependence;each member of the group makes a separate;and independent contribution to group performance.;a. group;b. pooled;c. reciprocal;d. sequential;9. The MOST LIKELY source of process losses on tasks with;pooled interdependence is that group;members ________.;a. may inadvertently duplicate the efforts of other members;by performing tasks that have already;been completed;b. have to wait for others to finish their tasks before;making a contribution;c. may not be motivated because individual contributions;cannot be easily identified and rewarded;d. may overwhelm the manager because the group is too large;to manage effectively;10. On tasks involving pooled interdependence, distributing;rewards based on ________ is MOST;LIKELY to result in high levels of motivation.;a. group performance;b. individual performance;c. projected performance;d. organizational objectives;11. Four employees are working together to assemble a;product. April is first in the assembly line and;must finish her work before the most capable worker;Stewart, can begin. Derek, who is the least;capable, can only work on his part after he has received;Stewart?s portion. Meg, who is the final worker;on the line, finishes the product after she receives Derek?s;work. Who will determine group;performance?;a. April;b. Stewart;c. Derek;d. Meg;12. Who is MOST LIKELY to support synergy?;a. Robert Copeland: ?To get something done, a committee;should consist of no more than three;people, two of whom are absent.?;b. Ryunosuke Satoro: ?Individually, we are one drop.;Together, we are an ocean.?;c. Author unknown: ?To kill time, a committee meeting is the;perfect weapon.?;d. Elbert Hubbard: ?A committee is a thing which takes a;week to do what one good man can do in;an hour.?;13. A division?s ability to control contingencies ________.;a. gives the division the power to reward and punish;behavior;b. means that it is the only division to have this power;c. makes the division vital to all other divisions;d. allows the division to handle sudden changes;14. ________ power is an intense form of referent power.;a. Expert;b. Legitimate;c. Charismatic;d. Operational;15. The sales division of a paper company has been very;successful. Members have been able to increase;the sale of paper by 150% in the past year. It has power in;this organization because it ________.;a. has the ability to generate resources;b. reduces the distribution of organizational resources;c. monitors the behavior of the other functions;d. duplicates the tasks of the other functions;16. As the chief mechanic at Fly Hi Airlines, Mack Wild?s;department is the only one that has the;necessary skills to repair the airline?s critical cockpit;electronics. The senior managers all treat Mack;with respect and try to avoid criticizing him or his;department because they MOST LIKELY see Mack?s;department as ________.;a. charismatic;b. irreplaceable;c. resourceful;d. ascendant;17. All of the critical operation information at the Daily;Pioneer newspaper flows through the layout;department. Jeffrey Sines, the head of the layout;department, has a lot of power within the organization;MOST LIKELY because of the ________.;a. irreplaceability of his department;b. admiration and respect of his coworkers;c. centrality of his department;d. expert power he has;18. Although controlling resources is important in;organizations, the ability to ________ them is also;crucial.;a. allocate;b. generate;c. share;d. hoard;19. An employee needs to figure out what paperwork he needs;to complete to request vacation time. He;would turn to the ________ network to learn this.;a. advice;b. information;c. trust;d. communication;20. The ________ is the individual, group, or organization;that needs or wants to share information with;some other individual, group, or organization.;a. receiver;b. messenger;c. encoder;d. sender;21. A message is complete when it ________.;a. is listened to or read by the receiver and acknowledged;as being received;b. contains all the information necessary to achieve a;common understanding between the sender;and the receiver;c. has been shared by either speaking or writing by the;sender and acknowledged by the receiver;d. provides all of the information that a sender wants to;share with others;22. A girl was throwing a party for her friends. She sent an;email that said, ?Come join me for a;summer celebration. It will begin at 2pm and end at 5pm. We;will meet at Smith?s Park in Allentown to;play soccer and kickball. Make sure to bring water and;clothes if you don?t mind getting dirty. Can?t;wait to see your smiling faces!? Which of the following;statements BEST describes the effectiveness of;this email?;a. It was ineffective because although clear, it was not;complete.;b. It was ineffective because it was not sent face-to-face;but via email.;c. It was effective because it was verbal communication.;d. It was effective because it was clear and complete.;23. Effective communication requires that the sender;translate the message into a form that ________.;a. is free of jargon;b. conveys emotions or feelings;c. is understood by the receiver;d. has universal significance;24. A college professor was very excited to have a specific;guest visiting his class. When he introduced;the guest to the class, he momentarily forgot that the;students were not experts in the field of study.;Consequently, he used several different acronyms to describe;the guest?s experiences. The students did;not understand these acronyms. As a result, ________.;a. the students were probably impressed by the speaker?s;credentials;b. the jargon prevented effective communication;c. low information richness prevented effective;communication;d. communication was likely to be effective;25. The communication ________ is the pathway through which;encoded messages are transmitted.;a. medium;b. process;c. network;d. methodologytional Behavior questions


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