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Thorny Corp. Balance Sheet, December 31




Question;Thorny;Corp.;Balance Sheet, December 31Construct worksheets for: January, February;and March;Sales;Budget;Production;Budget;Raw;Materials Purchases;Cash;Budget;Projected;unit cost to produce one Gizmo (Exclusive of Depreciation);Budgeted;Income Statement;Budgeted;Retained Earnings Statement;Budgeted;Balance Sheet;Use;one column for each month and one for the quarter total.;Assume;FIFO for valuing inventories.;Round budget calcuations (excepting unit;costs) to the nearest dollar (no decimal places).;Sales and raw materials purchases budgets;should include both units and dollars.;Place;an appropriate title on each worksheet;Skip;one row below the title and place the;name of the company. "Thorny Corp." should be changed to;YourLastName Corp." in all worksheets.


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