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ACC 206 Principles of Accounting II Entire Course Week 1 to 5




Question;ACC;206 Principles of Accounting II, Ashford;WEEK 1;Assignment;Chapter 1 Problems;Discussion;1: Cash Flows Information;Discussion;2: Apple's Cash Flow;WEEK 2;Journal;Institute of Management Accounting;Assignment;Chapter 2 and 3 Problems;Discussion;1: Stock Features;Discussion;2: Role of Management Accounting;WEEK 3;Assignment;Chapter 4 and 5 Problems;Discussion;1: Issues in Costing;Discussion;2: CVP and the Airline Industry;Journal;Hershey Company;WEEK 4;Assignment;Chapter 6 and 7 Problems;Discussion;1: Issues in Standard Costs and Budgeting;Discussion;2: Flexible Budgets;WEEK 5;Assignment;Chapter 8 Problems;Discussion;1: Long-term Decision Making;Discussion;2: Responsibilities in Management Accounting;Final;Paper, Doll House Cost Analysis


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